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Robert Braile, D.C.

Dedicated to Spreading
the Word of Chiropractic Worldwide

My Mission for Today,
I am a chiropractor. Today, I will love everyone, serve everyone, and give the message of chiropractic to everyone I contact. Every man, woman and child needs my help today, in becoming and remaining subluxation free. At no time today, will I withhold the truth of chiropractic for fear of rejection.
Today, I am an expert at correcting subluxations. I will correct subluxations on everyone I care for. When I do this, the power within them, heals them, every time without exception. I CAN help everyone I see Today.
Today, I ask for the strength to serve all those who are coming to see me. I ask for the love to give fully to each one individually. I ask for the innate wisdom to correct every subluxation I lay my hands on today. And I ask for the authority to convert others so that Today, they may share in, and spread the truth of chiropractic.
Today, I serve God by serving others through the gift of chiropractic.
Today, I am a chiropractor.

You can email Dr. Braile at: braile@braile.net