2002 Chevrolet Avalanche

Northface Edition

Original from dealer before modification

Before any modifications

Video units added with wrong color headrests

Duffalo bags were not present and had to be ordered.

Chrome nerf step bars were added

Nerf bars can cause a slight body squeak and will get nylon washers

Notice dealer nameplate. Will be removed with hairdryer.

Northface edition leather seats

Front view before flag bowtie added

Front view before flag bowtie added

Flag Bowtie

Headrests with built-in video screens replaced Northface headrests

Original Front headrests now in back seat.

Modification of headrest frame needed to fit rear headrest holder

Headrest is removed and stored under folding seat when lowering midgate

Removed dealer name badge and airbag warning stickers using hairdryer.

Billet Fuel door

Chrome Nerf bars
Stripeman Avalanche letters in black

Final side view with mods