Life University Student Practice Members
at Braile Chiropractic

Attention Life Students,

We want to thank all our practice members who are Life University Students for volunteering to help in various areas in exchange for your care.  As you are aware we do not accept money from Life Students, but that does not mean the care is free. We feel that for an exchange we can offer you the ability to serve in many capacities.

To make it easier to select how you would like to serve we have created a special page on our website designed for Life Students. You can find the link to that page under our "About Us" menu, or just click on the icon (like the one here) located on our home page under our office hours.  On this Life Student page is a description of what service you can offer as well as a calendar where you can see upcoming events that you can volunteer to assist with.

In addition to events on the calendar, there is always a need for administrative help with planning and setting up of events. This type of help can be done at any time at our office. Additionally, some of you have asked if you can be of assistance at our ranch with animal care or physical help. The answer to that is yes! There is always much to do at both our ranch and our clinic for those who are inclined to serve in a more physical capacity.

At the bottom of the Life Student page is a "This is how I wish to serve!" link that opens a pop-up submission page where you can submit your desire to help in a certain areas.

Special note: The Georgia Council of Chiropractic (GCC) is having their first "Philosophy In Practice night on February 27, 2010 - 7 PM, at the Drs. Hess office. This office currently sees over 1200 visits per month! This is an event you will not want to miss. To read more about this event please go to the GCC website at or just click on the link here for a flyer.

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