February 2011


Young Girl with Epilepsy Helped with Chiropractic - A Case Study

In the February 3, 2011 issue of the Journal Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research, a case study research article documents the improvement of a 9-year-old girl with Occipital Lobe Epilepsy under chiropractic care. In this case, improvement was shown with specific chiropractic adjustments being rendered to the upper cervical (neck) spine.

The study notes that epilepsy is a condition characterized by two or more seizures, brief attacks of altered consciousness and abnormal motor activity. The worldwide population with epilepsy is estimated to be 10.5 million, 25 percent of whom are children under the age of 15.

In this case, a 9-year-old girl was brought to the chiropractor by her mother. The child was suffering with uncontrollable blinking of the left eye. She had been previously brought to a neurologist who diagnosed the girl with occipital epilepsy. The neurologist recommended an anti-convulsion medication but the girl's mother decided to seek chiropractic care rather that subject her daughter to drug therapy.

The girl started suffering from uncontrollable eye blinking approximately two weeks before the visit to the chiropractor. Additionally, she had shown other associated symptoms including seizures, tics, spasms, dizziness, and fainting. Other conditions the patient suffered from included constipation, seasonal allergies, rashes, itching, and skin lesions.

A chiropractic examination was performed that included a variety of specific procedures including x-rays designed to look for subluxations in the upper cervical spine.  The tests confirmed that the girl was a candidate for upper cervical chiropractic care. Care was initiated with a specific adjustment to the top of the neck.

Within six days of the initial visit, the girl's mother reported that the left eye blinking had decreased in frequency. Shortly thereafter, it was noted that her symptoms were progressively decreasing and were only present at night.  After two months of care, the eye blinking had completely stopped. The blinking only returned once after that but disappeared again following another adjustment.

In his conclusion, the author summed up this case as well as chiropractic for epilepsy by saying, "The relationship between an upper cervical subluxation and epileptic conditions in children exists but remains elusive. Evidence from this case supports the elimination of the upper cervical subluxation in the resolution of occipital lobe epilepsy signs and symptoms. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder and it is the opinion of this author that it should be treated conservatively in children before medical and surgical intervention."


Chiropractic Care Boosts Immune System

An article appearing February 7, 2011, on the online news site "All Voices" describes in a clear manner the way chiropractic helps the immune to system function properly. The article's author, Debbie Nicholson, begins her article by reporting, "The evidence keeps on growing for receiving wellness care from chiropractors. Chiropractic care aids in decreasing health care costs, health behavior and enhances quality of life."

In the opening explanation of how the immune system works, Nicholson explains that the immune system and the nervous system are "..directly connected and work as one to develop maximum responses for the body to adjust and heal correctly". She also notes that any alteration to the function of the nervous system will subsequently have an effect on the function of the nervous system.

Nicholson further ties these two systems together by saying, "Misalignments called subluxation of the spine, causes compression and irritation of the nerve pathways influencing organ systems of the body. Subluxations cause physical nerve stress which affects neural control. Researchers have stated that these types of stressful conditions lead to changed rates of immune function and increase susceptibility to numerous diseases."

The remainder of the article reviews the long history of scientific research that proves what chiropractors have observed in their offices.  The author then reviews research from 1992 when it was shown that an adjustment to the thoracic spine (mid back) causes a subsequent elevation of the white blood cell count. This white blood cell count is associated with increased immunity.

The research was performed by Dr. Ronald Petro, PhD, chief of cancer prevention research at New York Preventive Medical Institute and professor of Medicine Environmental Health at New York University. The research examined 107 people who had ongoing chiropractic care and compared them to an average population of people not under chiropractic care. They also reviewed a population of people who were suffering from cancer.

The result of the study showed that, as expected, the people suffering from cancer had an immune function that was 50 percent weaker than the normal population. However, when they looked at the population of people under long term chiropractic care, their rate of immunity was 200 percent higher than the average population, and 400 percent higher than those with suppressed immunity suffering from cancer. Dr. Petro stated that, "chiropractic care gives maximum efficiency to whatever genetic abilities you posses, so you can completely resist to the best of your potential."

In her article, Nicholson also reported on a 2005 study showing that, "chiropractic care could influence basic physiological process that affect oxadative stress and DNA repair". She emphasizes that this shows that removal of subluxations has a positive affect on health down to the DNA level.

Nicholson notes that children will benefit most from this knowledge as their nervous systems and immune systems are the most impressionable. She states, "The child's nervous system is required for proper growth and development. There are numerous opportunities when particular parts of the body and brain grow. If the nervous system is not operating correctly, those opportunities could be missed. So it is important that the systems be checked regularly to make sure they are operating at optimal performance.  She offers the advice that children should start care as early as possible. She concludes, "Children who receive regular chiropractic care have been demonstrated to have less colds, ear infections and flu. The best time to start is when the child is an infant. Their spines and necks can become very easily misaligned".


Aaron Rodgers, 2011 Super Bowl MVP, Raised With Chiropractic Care

The Green Bay Packers are the 2011 Super Bowl champions. Their quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, is the game's MVP. This news has been covered and talked about ever since the conclusion of America's most popular single sporting event. But what many do not know is that Aaron Rodger's father, Dr. Edward Rodgers, is a chiropractor.

Many athletes have reported that chiropractic care enables them to perform at a higher level. Aaron Rodgers is yet another example of how chiropractic care sets up a situation whereby the athlete's nervous system can function at a higher level. One can only imaging how much pounding a football player takes during their career and the devastating effects this has on their spines and nervous systems if not corrected with chiropractic.

Aaron Rodgers is not alone when it comes to athletes touting the benefits of chiropractic. Over the years, many have stepped forward to testify as to how chiropractic has helped them. Below are some quotes from atheletes who have seen how chiropractic has enhanced their athletic careers.

"The team wasn't just riders. It was the mechanics, masseurs, chefs, soigneurs, and doctors. But the most important man on the team may have been the chiropractor." - Lance Armstrong, seven-time Tour de France Champion

"..as long as I see the chiropractor, I feel like I'm one step ahead of the game.", Tom Brady, New England Patriots, three-time Super Bowl Champion and two-time Super Bowl MVP

"Those are the guys that put me on the field when I didn't think I had a chance to be on the field. These are professionals, and God put them in my life for a reason.", Terrell Owens, NFL wide receiver

"I believe in chiropractic, and I know it works. You probably know about my long and successful career in football. I'm flattered by the testimonials to my durability. Football is a very rough and vigorous sport. Chiropractic was the key to keeping me in the game.", Jerry Rice, wide receiver, three-time Super Bowl champion and Super Bowl MVP

"..lifting weights and seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis has made me a better golfer. I've been going to chiropractors for as long as I can remember. It's as important to my training as practicing my swing", Tiger Woods, 14 time PGA Championship golfer

"Without chiropractic, I wouldn't be able to play consistently throughout the season.", Johnny Damon, MLB center fielder and two-time World Series champion

"You obviously can't compete at your fullest if you're not in alignment. And your body can't heal if your back is not in alignment. Every track and field athlete that I have ever met has seen a chiropractor at one time or another. In track and field, it is absolutely essential. Chiropractic care is one of the things I think that no one has denied or refuted.", Dan O'Brian, Olympic Gold Medalist in the decathlon

"Bodybuilders and fitness people have been using chiropractic very extensively in order to stay healthy and fit. I found it was better to go to a chiropractor before you get injured. We are a perfect team, the world of fitness and the world of chiropractors.", Arnold Schwarzenegger, seven-time Mr. Olympia, former governor of California


Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Helped with Chiropractic - A Case Study

Appearing in the January 28, 2011 issue of the scientific periodical, the Journal Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health is a case study documenting improvement in a child with gastroesophageal reflux disease, constipation, and head deformation undergoing chiropractic care.

The authors of the study explain that the American Academy of Pediatrics defines gastroesophageal reflux (GER) as the passage of gastric contents into the esophagus while GER disease (GERD) is the presence of symptoms or complications from GER.

In this case, a 5-month-old girl was brought in for chiropractic care with gastroesophageal reflux, constipation and a deformed head known as "plagiocephaly". The girl had been suffering with GERD since birth and was experiencing approximately 8-10 regurgitations per day consisting of 2-4 tablespoons of gastric content. The history noted that the reflux was exacerbated by movement of the baby or sitting up on her own for over 5 minutes. The infant girl was breast-fed since birth and her diet was supplemented with small amounts of baby oatmeal.

A chiropractic examination was performed and showed multiple areas of muscle tightness, reduction in joint movement and macular asymmetry.  Palpation of the spine also showed areas of spinal fixation and muscular changes.  It was determined that vertebral subluxations were present in multiple areas of the infant's spine.

According to the authors, "The goal of chiropractic care is to detect and correct vertebral subluxations to allow proper neurological and physiological functioning and ultimately improve a patient's quality of life."  They also added, "Location and correction of vertebral subluxation is the unique cornerstone which historically, legally, and politically defines chiropractic practice".

Chiropractic care was initiated on this infant girl to correct the subluxations and correct the subsequent nerve system interference. As a result of care, the child's medication for the reflux disease was reduced and eventually eliminated. The study also notes that her constipation was resolved, her muscle tone had returned to normal and her head asymmetry was significantly reduced.


Losing the Tonsils Packs on the Pounds for Children

The journal Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery published research in their February, 2011 issue that found children who have undergone a tonsillectomy have also gained weight.

Researchers reviewed nine studies that spanned a 40-year period. The review studied the weight of 795 children, ages 0 to 18 years, before a tonsillectomy and for eight years after the procedure. The results showed that over 50 percent of the children had gained weight.

A tonsillectomy is the most common operation done on children. Each year, over one-half of a million children have their tonsils removed. Tonsils are a defensive organ and part of the lymphatic system. Their main job is to trap bacteria and viruses entering into the body through the mouth.

The children who had their tonsils removed gained approximately 7 percent more weight after the surgery. These results are alarming considering the number of children in the US who are obese. The Center for Disease Control has determined that 18 percent of children ages 12-19 are obese, 20 percent of children ages 6-11 are obese, and 10 percent of children ages 2 -5 are obese.

Obesity is a major cause of diabetes, high-blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. The review's findings showed that some normal weighted children were pushed into the overweight range after surgery, and overweight children were determined to be obese after surgery.

Although a correlation between the surgery and weight gain has been shown, the cause of the weight gain in children after a tonsillectomy is still not known. In a February 1, 2011 interview with Reuters Health, Dr. Anita Jeyakumar, an ear nose and throat specialist at Saint Louis University in Missouri who worked on the study stated, "For some patients, the surgery might be considered more of a risk than a benefit."


Jack LaLanne, Chiropractor, Nutrition and Fitness Legend, Dies at age 96

On January 23, 2011, Jack LaLanne, an American fitness icon, died at the age of 96.  Best known for his role of leading a revolution toward fitness and proper nutrition in the United States, many do not know that LaLane was also a chiropractor.

On January 26, 2001, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress issued a press release honoring the man who devoted his life toward improving the lives of others. The Foundation noted, "While most remember the late great American exercise, fitness and nutritional expert Jack LaLanne as the innovative father of the U.S. wellness movement, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress also recognizes LaLanne for his selfless contributions to the advancement of the chiropractic profession. LaLanne, an Oakland Chiropractic College graduate, developed a passion for the chiropractic profession, with his love for fitness and nutrition running parallel to the principles of chiropractic care."

"LaLanne always believed that exercise and eating right could yield youthfulness and optimized strength - leading to longer and healthier lives," says Gerard Clum, DC, spokesperson for the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. "Doctors of chiropractic hold these concepts as the basis of patient health education."

In a July 2000 interview with Larry King on CNN, LaLanne spoke about going to chiropractic school, his business in fitness, and his gym taking off. When King asked LaLanne if he still believed in chiropractic, Jack's response was a resounding, "One hundred percent, absolutely."

Later in the same interview, a caller asked LaLanne why he didn't pursue his career in chiropractic. His answer was a sobering reminder of the prejudice that existed back in those days, and how far acceptance of chiropractic has come. Jack responded, "Because I was having -- so much of my business was coming from the medical doctors. And in those days, the medical doctors and chiropractors were like cats and dogs. But if they knew I was a chiropractor they wouldn't send me any business." LaLanne continued by saying, "But today, thank God, there is changing people, everybody is getting together. Alternative medicine is a big thing now, and that is a big, big wonderful plus for America that everybody is getting together."

In his closing remarks, Foundation for Chiropractic Progress spokesperson Dr. Clum commented, "As a national organization dedicated to educating the public about the health benefits of chiropractic care, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress will be forever grateful for the influence and positive impact Jack LaLanne had on America and the entire chiropractic profession. He will be missed and remembered with great reverence."


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