October 4,  2007

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Chiropractic Depot Now Open and Running!

Now You Know is proud to announce the opening of the groundbreaking service, Chiropractic Depot.  Presently, there are NYK subscribers with the storefront active on their website, and ready for sales!  To see a functional sample, you can view our sample site at www.brailechiropractic.com.

This new service is designed to bring the health and wellness industry together with the chiropractic profession.  Each year, billions of dollars of health and wellness related products are sold to the public. Chiropractic patients, because of their orientation toward natural health, are prime consumers for these products. Now, we can connect these people with you and your website.

Chiropractic Depot is a storefront that you can have inside of your Now You Know website that carries a variety of health, wellness, and fitness products. Viewers to your website can purchase items from the storefront inside your website and have these items shipped by the manufacturers directly to their address. For each sale that is made on your NYK website, you will earn a commission!  There are no codes to remember, no memberships to join.  It's just that simple!

Isn't It About Time Your Website Started Paying You?




How Can I Promote My Chiropractic Depot to My Practice Members?

Chiropractic Depot is your gateway into the health, wellness, and fitness product world.  Directing practice members to your website is the most direct way to help them discover the growing number of items on your storefront.  Please make certain that you comply with all state regulations relative to disclosures or other procedures when recommending items for sale to practice members.

The tools of your Now You Know Premium Plus service also give you a number of ways to get the word out about your Chiropractic Depot.  Below is a brief list of what you can do using the NYK system.

  1. Add an announcement to your monthly NYK email newsletter.  With the NYK Newsletter service, you can easily add a message you create to the newsletter.  An announcement from you will go a long way to encourage participation.
  2. Send a separate mailing using the NYK bulk mailing program that comes with your newsletter service.  You can create a letter or announcement and use the system to send it to everyone on your email.
  3. Use the Echiropractic service to send Chiropractic Depot messages to either individuals or your entire list. Over time, we will be creating specific Echiropractic messages designed for Chiropractic Depot.  These messages will be geared toward introducing people to your Chiropractic Depot  as well as certain specific products.  As with any card in Echiropractic, you can select whichever cards you want to send.  You can send cards either individually, such as to a new patient, or as a bulk email out to your entire email list. 




How Can I Upgrade My Service and Get Chiropractic Depot on My Website?

Chiropractic Depot is available for Doctors with the NEW Now You Know Premium Plus package. Since you already have some services with NYK, you can easily upgrade to the Premium Plus package. To upgrade to the Premium Plus Package, all you need to do is call our customer service number at 800-695-8937 and ask to be upgraded.

Below is the price structure and fees to upgrade.

Monthly Service Fees:
The Chiropractic Depot monthly fee is only $19.95 a month more than the previous Premium Package. This brings the total for the Premium Plus Package to $89.85 per month. Since Now You Know billings are done on a quarterly basis, the quarterly fee for the Premium Plus Package will be $269.55.

Current Premium Package Subscribers:
If you are a NYK Premium Package subscriber presently, the good news is that there is NO additional initial fee to upgrade to Premium Plus package, which includes the Chiropractic Depot. You can simply submit your request for an upgrade, and you will be billed for Depot service for the remainder of the quarter..

Current NYK Website Only Subscribers:
If you are currently a subscriber to the NYK Website service only, you can easily upgrade to the Premium Plus package. The one-time initial fee for this upgrade is $199.00.

Current NYK Newsletter Only Subscribers:
If you are currently a subscriber to the NYK Newsletter service only, you can easily upgrade to the Premium Plus package. The one-time initial fee for this upgrade is $249.00.





How Can I Get a List of Products In Chiropractic Depot?

You can see the entire list of available products at any time by logging into NYK Central and viewing the options in your Depot section. The list and type of products that will be available on Chiropractic Depot will continue to increase.

One of the nice features of Chiropractic Depot is the ability to print a paper catalog of the products you have selected for your storefront. This catalog can be left in your waiting area or distributed in your practice so that everyone can see the variety of items available on your site without having to go to the site itself.

You can always select which products are available
for sale in your Chiropractic Depot storefront!

It is important to us that the storefront reflect your style of practice.  You will be able to select either entire categories or individual products that you want to have available.  There will be a default setting of "all products" that will be set if you want to have all products in a particular category listed. If you choose the "select all" new products added to the Chiropractic Depot will automatically be available for sale on your storefront.



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