January - February - March  2006

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Important - Your Responsibility -  Legal Notice

Over the past year we have run into several instances where pictures not provided by NYK have had copyright issues with certain companies.  Unfortunately several of these images were on pages that our doctors commonly wanted to "share" with other subscribers.  The result is that several doctors have received notices that these pictures were copyrighted by other companies and these doctors were sent large bills by these image companies for the usage of these photos.

In response NYK has hired an attorney and settled these cases at no cost to the doctors.  This has cost NYK a considerable amount of money, even though we did not provide these images as part of the content we offer with NYK services.  However, as of January 1, 2006 we will no longer be able to represent NYK subscribers for content or images that are not part of the content NYK offers with our service.

Therefore, if you have added pages to your website from other doctor's websites, you are responsible for the content and images contained on those pages.  Please review your website for any pages you have requested to be added to your website.  If you are uncertain about the images on those specific pages please contact our webmasters (using the NYK Central Submission forms), and request that these pictures be reviewed and replaced immediately!

We at NYK have done an extensive review of the images on our server.  We are fairly confident that we have removed all questionable images from our server.  However, there may still be images on some of our subscribers websites that contain different image names that have escaped our review.  As the owner of your website, it is your responsibility to review your site to make sure that any pages you have added to your site from other doctors sites do not have any copyrighted images.  A few minutes of your time could save you thousands in charges from these image companies.

NYK will always stand responsible for the content and images that are part of our service.  However, as of January 1, 2006, you are responsible for all pages and images added to your site that are not part of the NYK content service.  It is our hope that this advance notice will prompt you to review your website to prevent any future problems and avoid any monetary outlays on your part.




"Ask The Experts" - Now You Know Adds Video to the Web

In just a few days a new feature known as "Ask The Experts" will be available for your NYK website. This new feature will include short videos designed for patients that answer some of the most common questions that patients and prospective patients seem to ask.

Shortly your patients will have the ability to hear about subluxation from Dr. Jim Sigafose.  They will also have the ability to learn about the importance of chiropractic for children and infants from Dr. Dick Plummer, and Dr. Jeanne Ohm. Think about how excited your patients will get when hearing how chiropractic can help in athletic performance from Dr. Pete Gratale. These are just some of the experts that have already contributed to the NYK Ask The Experts section and will appear in this new feature.

But that's not all. With the addition of Flash video, you can now add a short greeting video from you to visitors to your website. Imagine the personal touch that is added to your website when visitors can play a short greeting from you.

Beginning shortly, we will be automatically adding this feature to all of our new subscriber's websites. If you would like this feature added to your current site you can send us a request for an update and we will be happy to add this feature. ALSO NOTE: We will automatically be adding this feature to each website when we receive any update unless specifically requested not to do so by our subscriber. However, if you are not sending in an update request for any changes to your website, we will not be adding this new feature automatically. In other words, if you do not have any other changes needed to be made on your website, and you would like this feature to be added, you must send in a request thought NYK Central.




Visual Odyssey Available With a Now You Know Website

Now You Know Inc and Visual Odyssey have teamed up to bring you this affordable optional extra for your website. Now You Know subscribers can have this additional education content added to their website for a one time fee of $99 and then only $19 per month, paid quarterly.

Your website can now have an incredibly powerful Neuropatholator-based educational tutorial. Visual Odyssey has manufactured the Neuropatholator wall chart since 1976 and created a computerized version in 2000. Now, you can have it helping educate your web visitors. Now You Know webmasters will place a link on your site and your visitor’s browser fills with captivating graphics and riveting animations.

For 7 to 10 minutes, your visitors will play with over 20 screens and learn “step by step” about the spine, the nerve system, the subluxation and chiropractic. There’s a dynamic “NeuroPatholator” which features energy pulses flowing along nerve pathways, while irritated nerves throb, and organs flash. The “Subluxation Finder” screen correlates their complaints to spinal segments. A “Posture Display” screen ‘morphs’ bodies to match the chosen posture type. There’s also a “Subluxation Demonstrator” which shows how a subluxation interferes with spinal curves, disc spacing and the nerve communication between the brain / spinal cord and the rest of the body.

To see a sample of this great content go to our sample website at www.brailechiropractic.com and click on the button on the left labeled "Visual Odyssey" to see this how this complete interactive programs works.

Content creation and maintenance for these pages is created and maintained by Visual Odyssey. Billing for this extra content is handled separately through Visual Odyssey and is not included with your Now You Know statements.

To order this cutting edge content please call us at 800-695-8937 and tell us would like the Visual Odyssey content for your website!





Where are we going to be?

We enjoy the opportunity to speak with many of our subscribers at the various events we attend. In many cases we can help assist with advice on technical issues, or on advice to show you haow to get the most out of your NYK service.  Please check over our schedule below to see our upcoming dates and locations.  If you are interested in having us at your program, please contact us at either nowyouknow@nowyouknow.net or call us at 1-800-695-8937.





Now You Know Internet Educational Services

Now You Know Websites: Our combination of features, updates, message quality and quantity of content has made Now You Know the largest provider of individual websites to the chiropractic profession. There are 33 templates to choose from, over 800 pages of content, and many other features at a great price. Check out the ever growing list of features on our website at: www.nowyouknow.net,  then click on "Website Service".NYK Logo

Now You Know Email Newsletter Service: Our newsletter is the most popular patient email newsletter in chiropractic. Current and hard-hitting articles on health and chiropractic issues delivered directly to your patient's inbox has made our newsletter service unsurpassed in chiropractic. Additionally, our newsletter service now allows our subscribers to easily send bulk emails out to your entire list. So, not only do your patients get the great stories and articles from the NYK Newsletter, but they can also get updates created by you!

Echiropractic: We push the technology window to the limit with online chiropractic pamphlets, cards, and office letters for your unlimited use. This service allows the subscriber to send unlimited individual emails directly to patients. Each Echiropractic message can be customized with a message from the doctor. This service is similar to some other popular online greeting cards, with one big difference. These messages are for chiropractic offices with chiropractic messages.

Now You Know Premium Package: Using all three educational services above the Premium Package is the best resource available for complete online educational tools in chiropractic. All this is packaged together at a great savings.




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