July 2008

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New "ADJUSTable Websites" Now Available !!!
FREE Upgrade for Subscribers!

Now You Know introduces the most modern design in chiropractic websites!  We now offer a new design called the "ADJUSTable Website". This new design features a growing number of new changeable website themes that YOU CAN CHANGE INSTANTLY YOURSELF!

If you are like me, your mood changes depending on the time of year, the season or lots of other factors.  We at NYK believe your website should reflect those changes, and you should be able to make those changes anytime you want.  So, we are introducing our new ADJUSTable Websites that you can change yourself with the simple click of a mouse!  Imagine being able to switch from a beautiful warm summer theme to a sports or pediatric theme, to a winter wonderland look, just by clicking your mouse.

These new websites also incorporate many other new features including:

  • Search Engine Optimization - These new non-frame designed themes optimize the search engines ability to find your website easier than ever before.  But we go one step further. We allow you the ability to add your own key words and website title and description! 
  • Content driven non-frames format - This brings articles and features directly into your website and makes it easier for navigation.
  • Dynamic Flash headers - Watch as the name of your office appears amidst a background that is changing.  These headers add beauty and movement to your website.
  • Office hours and new patient center on your front page that make it easy for new and current practice members to find out the basic information they need fast!
  • Articles on front page - Each time someone visits your website, a new set of articles appears on the front page.  This keeps your home page looking new and fresh, with new content, every time someone returns.
  • New subluxation pages - Much of our content has now been updated with new interactive graphics.  See below for more highlights. 

Once your website is converted over to the new ADJUSTable Websites, all you will need to do to change the look of your entire site is go into your NYK Central account, and select which theme you want.  Instantly, you will have a new look!  It's that simple! (See, "More Control for You" below)




New Subluxation Pages on the New NYK ADJUSTable Websites

Now You Know has always offered the best explanation of subluxation available to the general public. But now with the new templates we have made this even better with new animations and interaction.

These new website themes now have a section called "Wellness Library".  This new section contains hundreds of articles as well as a sub-section on Subluxation and many other features. When you mouse-over the Wellness Library and then the drop down for "Subluxation", you will see three choices to select.

Subluxation - Explained:  This area has the most effective explanation of subluxation available to patients.  It comes with graphics as well as Flash animations to demonstrate the VSC.  We believe in keeping it simple, yet effective.

Subluxation - Degeneration:  This explains to the practice member the understanding of how subluxations change over time.  This explanation, with animated degenerations and images of x-rays, bring the patient through the stages of subluxation degeneration in a way that adds the important component of time to the subluxation process.

Subluxation - Nerve Chart:  Chiropractors have been using nerve charts for year.  With NYK, you get a Flash animation nerve chart on your site.  This clean and effective page clearly lets the viewer know how vast the nervous system is, and how subluxation affects human function.



More Control for You

Our new NYK ADJUSTable Websites offer you an unprecedented amount of control over features and content in your website.  Below is a description of just some of the features and how you can control them.

1) Changeable themes - You can log into NYK Central and click on your service (Website icon) that you see in the list of your services.  You should then see the screen below.

website control panel

Now click on the magic top hat "ADJUSTable Website Theme Selection" and you will see the following screen where you can select different themes and change the look of your website instantly.  Cool Stuff!!!

ADJUSTable website selection screen

From the selection page (like above) just follow the simple instructions to change the theme.

2) Search Engine Optimized - This new system has been built in a non-frame format to be search engine optimized.  We also include an additional feature.  You have the ability to create your own keywords and website description.  From your main website menu (pictured above) click on the "Create/Change Document for My Website" icon and you will open a page with a list of documents you can edit yourself to make additional instant changes on your website.  (Office hours, etc)  In that list you will see two items listed as "WebsiteDescription" and "WebsiteKeywords".   Click on each of these links to open a page with a box where you can type in either a list of key words, or a website description.  Use these to help search engines find you and describe your website.

3) Easier navigation and more features on front page.  From here the list gets even more impressive.  We included things such as articles search and icons, drop down menus, dynamic Flash headers, office hours on the front page, New Patient Center, and News letter sign up, all on your front page!  We have even placed articles on the front page that change each time you refresh the page!  We will also be able to easily add new features as they come onboard in the near future.



How do I Upgrade My Website to the New NYK ADJUSTable Websites?

We realize that most of our current subscribers will want to convert their websites over to this new and exciting platform.  So to get everyone who wants to be converted as quickly as possible we are scheduling a certain number each week, on a first scheduled, first served basis. There is NO CHARGE to upgrade your website to the new templates!  

To schedule your website to be updated please click on the special upgrade request link in your NYK Central account website control page.  If you have any problems and cannot log into your secure NYK Central account, or if you have lost your User ID or Password, you can call our toll free number at 800-695-8937 for assistance in logging in

To see some of the early conversions to the new NYK ADJUSTable Websites please click on the links to open the website below.





Now You Know Internet Educational Services

First and Foremost, We Are a Service:  Since we are chiropractors we understand the concept of "service".  We make every aspect of our service user friendly.  You do not have to have a computer degree to get the most out of NYK services.  In addition, we are so confident that you will be satisfied with our service that we do something that others do not.  NO CONTRACTS!  You simply subscribe to our service and pay by the quarter. We have to continually earn your business.

Now You Know "Premium Packages":  Get the biggest savings with the Now You Know Premium Packages. You can save $480 per year by selecting one of our two Premium Packages. Both packages also save you $50 on the initial setup fees. The Premium Package includes the NYK ADJUSTable Website Service, the Email Newsletter-Bulk Email Service, and the Echiropractic Service. Our Premium PLUS Package includes the NYK ADJUSTable Website Service, the Email Newsletter-Bulk Email Service, the Echiropractic Service, and Chiropractic Depot!.

NYK ADJUSTable Websites:  Now You Know is the largest provider of individual and Association websites to the chiropractic profession. Our website service includes the NYK ADJUSTable Websites, with over 800 pages of content, "Ask the Experts" videos, and many other educational features that make an NYK website the best value in patient and community education. Check out the ever growing list of features on our website at: www.nowyouknow.net. 

Chiropractic Depot:  Why pay for a website when you can also have your website start paying you?  Chiropractic Depot brings education and income together on your website. With the Chiropractic Depot service, you have a storefront inside your website where visitors can select and purchase from a growing list of health, wellness, and fitness products.  The sales are filled by the vendors and products are shipped directly to the purchaser.  And the best part is that you get a commission on each sale!

Now You Know Email Newsletter Service:
"REAL NEWS - REAL CURRENT!   The NYK email newsletter delivers current and hard-hitting news on health and chiropractic emailed directly to your patient's inbox.  If you want to keep your patients informed, this email newsletter service is unsurpassed in chiropractic.  But there is more.  The NYK email newsletter service is really two services in one!  With the NYK email newsletter service, subscribers can also easily send bulk emails out to their entire patient list. So, with the NYK email newsletter service, not only do your patients get the great stories and articles from the NYK Newsletter, but they can also get updates created by you!

Echiropractic: We push technology to the limit with online chiropractic pamphlets, cards, and office letters for your unlimited use. This service allows you to send unlimited either individual or bulk emails, directly to a single patient or your entire list!.  Echiropractic emails can be customized with a personal message from you. This service is similar to some other popular online greeting cards, with one big difference. These messages are for chiropractic offices with chiropractic messages.




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