April 3 , 2008


Stimulating Referrals

There is a simple truth in chiropractic....

95% off ALL new patients come from REFERRALS!

We all know this to be true.  However, it never ceases to amaze me when I see advertising agencies, or website companies, or any group outside chiropractic try to tell chiropractors that they have the latest and greatest way to get new patients. 

Having been in this profession for 30 years, I have seen a flood of new patient schemes come and go. And the reality is that new patients come from current patients that you have educated on chiropractic. If you would like to see an example of what an ad agency thinks works please click on the below links for chiropractic commercials that have been posted on YouTube.

At Now You Know, getting new patients takes on a real importance to us.  As chiropractors, getting people under chiropractic care is our mission.  All our services have been designed around helping the doctor, and the current practice members make more referrals.  To assist in this task, I have listed three simple procedures that work when used in conjunction with the NYK services.

1) Conversation on issues in the NYK newsletter:  Each news letter contains real news with real content, all verified by original news and research sources.  A simple mention of these to patients, such as, "Did you see the article on chiropractic and pregnancy?"  Each newsletter encourages people to forward the newsletter on to others. Your interest in that article will get more forwards from your patients.

2) Testimonials:  People love to hear other people's stories.  With the growth of video sites like YouTube, it is very easy to get a video testimonial posted online.  At NYK we can embed these videos into your website, or we can place them directly on your site.

3) Send people to your website:  I know this sounds obvious, but I am surprised at how many offices do not use their website to it's maximum.  If you look at your website as an educational tool and not an advertisement this becomes easier.  When the patient comes into your office and says, "Doctor, what can you do for my wife's headaches?"  You do not have to only hand them a tri fold brochure.  In addition to explaining "How chiropractic Helps", your answer should include, "Check out me website as I have 15 articles on headaches there."  People want information.  They want answers.  If you see your website as the opportunity to be the ultimate online lending library, you will stimulate referrals!

Below is a good example of a YouTube video from a main stream television show that is good education.  The research and subsequent stories that this generated in the main stream press fueled several articles in our NYK newsletter.  This type of information will drive people to chiropractic.  Click on the image below to open the YouTube page with this video.


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