Holiday NYK Themes For Your Website Now Available!


Now You Know now has a number of holiday themes that you can select as your theme with our new ADJUSTable Websites. Two months ago we introduced a Halloween theme and quickly followed that up with two Thanksgiving themes.  Now with Christmas, Hanukkah and  New Years just around the comer, we are introducing our holiday themes.

First up is the NYK "Happy Holidays" theme pictured above on the right. In the coming days we will be adding to this theme with additional holiday and New Years themes. As a NYK website subscriber, you can have any of these for your website any time you want with a simple click of the mouse.

To see a working version of the first of our Holiday themes please visit my website at  You must have already had your website converted over to the new ADJUSTable Websites. There is no charge for this upgrade. If you have not already upgraded, please read the last story in this newsletter to learn about how to get your FREE upgrade.

Do You Have a RAT Working for You?

RAT = Request Appointment by Text  With a few simple clicks of the mouse, you can have new and current patients request an appointment through your website. These appointment requests are sent via text message to whatever cell phone you designate.  If you want the appointment request sent to an email address, you can do that as well.  In fact, you can send the request to up to three cell phone numbers or email addresses. You can also change it immediately to whatever number you want, or to an email address. Now people can request an appointment in real time.

Here's how it works.

What you need to do:  Log into your NYK Central account pages. Open your website control pages by clicking on the website icon. Then click on the section for the feature called, "Appointment Request Settings" with the icon here on the right.  Once this page is open you can turn the feature "on" (or off) as you want.  When you turn this feature "on" a new icon will appear on your website for visitors to request appointments. (see "How patients request appointments" below).

After you have selected to turn the feature on, you will need to enter your cell phone number and select the carrier for your cell phone service.  You can also enter an email address if you want the request to be sent to an email address. Requests will be sent to all three of the entries you place in this area, so if you only want appointment requests to be sent to one, just enter one.

MAKE SURE YOU TEST THIS FEATURE by clicking the "Send Test" button before you hit the "Save Settings" button. It is a good idea to test your phone system by hitting the Send Test button each time you change the number you want requests to be sent to.

Once the test is successful, you can then hit the "Save Setting" button and close the page.  We recommend that you and your staff go to your website and send an appointment request to your cell phone to further test the system, and to become familiar with what patients will be seeing.

How patients request appointments:  With a "RAT" on your website, current or new patients can send appointment requests easily from your site.  Throughout the process, they are continually reminded that they are only sending a "request", and that the appointment is not confirmed until after they receive a return confirmation call from your office.

When a visitor to your website wants to send a request for an appointment, they can either click on the "Appointment" icon on your website or select the appointment link in the New Patient drop down menu.

Selecting this link then opens a new page where they are required to fill in their name, and phone number as well as a verification code (to prevent SPAM) and then choose a button identifying them as either a current patient or a new patient. After they fill in all required fields they can then click the "Send Request" button. Just above this button is a red message that clearly states, "NOTE: You do not have a scheduled appointment until we can call you and verify this appointment request."

After the patient sends the request, they will get a confirmation screen that says, "Thank you for requesting an appointment. Your request has been sent to us and we will call you as soon as possible to confirm this request. Please be aware that your submission does not automatically schedule this appointment. Your appointment will be scheduled after we have called you to verify."  It is as simple as that.

Within seconds (depending on your cell phone service) you should get the text message with the request and the phone number the patient gave to be called back on and confirm the appointment.


What!!! You still have not requested a
FREE Upgrade to the New
NYK ADJUSTable Websites?  So what are you waiting for?  Here is how you can request the Upgrade.

Upgrading is easy. Most of our current subscribers have already converted their websites over to this new and exciting platform. In addition to the ability to change themes immediately on your own, you now get additional great features like the "RAT" (Request Appointment by Text) feature.  To get everyone who wants to be converted as quickly as possible we have been scheduling a certain number each week, on a first scheduled, first served basis. There is NO CHARGE to upgrade your website to the new templates!  

To schedule your website to be updated just follow these simple steps.

1) Log into your NYK Central account from the front page of our website at Enter your User ID and Password and click "Login". If you have any problems and cannot log into your secure NYK Central account, or if you have lost your User ID or Password, you can call our toll free number at 800-695-8937 for assistance in logging in.

2) Click on the special upgrade request link "Click here to submit a request for a FREE upgrade" on the front page of your NYK Central account control page as shown below.

3) On the page that appears just follow the three easy steps to submit your request for a FREE upgrade.  When you click on one of the thumbnails in the slide window a larger version of the theme appears in the viewer below. 

It's that simple! So don't wait any longer!!!