February 1, 2008


Increasing Sales on Your Chiropractic Depot

Since opening the Chiropractic Depot just a few short months ago, many of our subscribers have added this new service to their NYK subscription.  Chiropractic Depot presently contains over 500 products available at a discount to website visitors.  Visitors to your website can purchase items and have them shipped directly to their home.  When they do, you will receive a commission on each sale.

One of the more common questions we get from doctors who have the Chiropractic Depot services is, "How do I get more of my practice members to use Chiropractic Depot?".  So, to answer this question, we have decided to offer some simple suggestions, and a link to a flyer you can print and distribute.


1) Click on the thumbnail link above and download the Chiropractic Depot announcement flyer above. This flyer is in a Word document format.  Open that document on your computer and type in your web address and clinic name in red at the bottom.  Save it to your computer for future use.  Then, print as many copies out as you want or need.  You should post these in various places in your clinic, and you can print a stack of these for your front desk or waiting area.

2) Tell your practice members!  On a regular basis you probably get questions like, "What's the best mattress for me to sleep on?".  You can direct people to the depot to see the selection of chirorpactically designed mattresses in the Chiropractic Depot

3) Print out a copy or two of the Chiropractic Depot catalog. Punch holes in it and put it in a binder and place it in your waiting area.  As people are sitting for a few minutes, they can look over the vast inventory of products available. You should put a copy of the flyer you printed above in the cover of that binder.

4) We now have a new category called "Chiropractic Depot" in our Echiropractic service.  This new category has an emailable version of the above flyer. We recommend that you send this ecard out to your entire email list. Over time, we will be adding more ecards into that category including product specific cards that feature certain products or a group of products. Remember that you can add a personal message to any Echiropractic card before you send it.

Chiropractic Depot is a revolutionary service designed to bring the health, wellness and fitness industries closer to the world of chiropractic.  We already know that people who utilize chiropractic care are more likely to purchase health and wellness related products.  With Chiropractic Depot, they can purchase these products at a discount, and have them shipped directly to their homes.  There is no inventory for you to carry, and you receive a commission on each sale through your website.



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