February 13, 2008


A Must Have - The "New Patient Center" on your website

The biggest benefit of a NYK website is the ability to generate referrals. Having been practitioners with a combined 50+ years of experience, we understand that 95% of your new patients come through referrals from other practice members.  Our services are geared toward helping your current patients make more referrals. The easier it is for them, the more new referrals for you.

There are several things that you absolutely should have on your website. The "New Patient Center" is one of these that we have automatically included on newer subscriber's websites.  However, if you have one of our previous templates, or if you selected certain templates you may not have the New Patient Center as part of your website.  Below is a picture of the New Patient Center.


The New Patient Center has several components. each of them designed to make it easier for referrals, and make the new patient feel more at ease.

1) The first section at the top that says "New Patient Forms" is a link to a page that should have your New Patient Forms on it. (You can try by clicking on the sample image above). In some cases, you may want to write a page explaining your first visit as I did on that page on my site here.  If not, you should at least have all your new patient forms on your site.  All new patients should be encouraged to print the forms and fill them out at home before coming in for their first visit.  We would routinely tell new patients that filling the forms out at home would save them 20 minutes on their first visit.  In addition to this, it does wonders for your scheduling when a new patient walks in with the forms already completed.

2) The second section of the New Patient Center is named "Our Location" and is a link that goes to a page with your address and a generated map for your office.  There is no longer a need for your staff to tie up the phones giving out directions when your website can handle that.  This page can also contain your office hours and can contain driving direction you create from certain key areas in your neighborhood. Today, most people are already using online maps to find restaurants and other locations.  Now they can use this technology to find YOU!

3) The third area, "Contact Us" is a link to a page that has a submission form.  Not only can prospective patients ask questions, but patient testimonials can be sent using this page. (See a sample by clicking on the image above). There is also a link for signing up for your NYK email Newsletter.  This page is useful for the potentially new patient who just needs a little more personal attention before making the decision to start care. 

4) The final bottom section of the New Patient Center, called the "Got a question on health & chiropractic?" section is for patients and prospective patients alike.  This area uses a search feature that allows the visitor to search out health topics from our over 800 articles on chiropractic, health, and wellness. (Sample image above will not work on this newsletter, but you can test this search feature on one of our sample sites by clicking here) Let's say that a prospective new patient who suffers from asthma is sent to your website by a current practice member.  When the prospective patient arrives, they decide to do a search for "asthma."  What they will find are 32 articles on the subject!  These are referenced and documented news stories and research, that adds real credibility to chiropractic, your website, and ultimately you. This section may well be the most important part of the New Patient Center.

As you can see, we take the details of recruiting new patients seriously.  Each little part of the New Patient Center, as well as your entire service, has been meticulously thought out to help you get more referrals.  To us, this is not a website. It is an educational tool, designed specifically to get people to understand and accept chiropractic care, and designed to get you referrals!



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