January 14, 2008


"Article of the Week" - Making the Most Out of Your NYK Patient Newsletter

One of our subscribers, a husband and wife team whose office is seeing about 850 patient visits a week, shared with me one success strategy they are using to get the most of thier NYK services and increase their referrals. These doctors select one article each week from the monthly NYK Newsletter, and make it their "Article of the Week". They then print copies of that article and hand out to practice members.  Below, I will explain the basics of this program that can be easily implemented into your office.

Each NYK Patient Newsletter contains six articles.  All of these are current and come with a credible source.  Usually three or more of these are on some positive aspect of chiropractic either from research or the popular press. The remaining articles are usually some aspect of wellness or documentation of the problems with the medical model of care. Having six articles from each edition allows you to select the four out of six that you would most like to highlight for that week.

Here are some of the steps of this effective program:

  1. Select one article for each of the next four weeks from the monthly NYK newsletter.  The newsletter is mailed out between the 9th and 15th of each month.
  2. Copy and paste the newsletter articles separately onto your stationary or some document that has your clinic name and website address.  You may need to reformat the text or paste the picture in separately.  Making the title of the article bold and larger is effective.
  3. We recommend that you add your own comments at either the bottom or top of the article to personalize it.
  4. Post the article thoughout your clinic and promote it as as the "Article of the Week".
  5. Have copies printed and make them available at your front desk. Have your staff enthusiastically hand them out and ask patients for comment.
  6. The doctor and staff should follow up with questions such as, "What did you think of this week's article?".

By following these simple procedures, you engage your practice members in the chiropractic learning experience.  You also gain insight as to how well your educational program is working.  You will probably also get additional patients to give you their emails addresses to be added to your email newsletter list.  Encourage them to forward the newsletter they receive to friends and family members in order to share this important information.

These simple procedures are being used by some of the most successful practices in chiropractic. 
A little effort goes a long way.



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