July 29, 2008


New NYK ADJUSTable Websites Big Success! - In Big Demand!
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Free Upgrade ASAP

Wow, the demand for the new ADJUSTable websites has been tremendous!  In the first few days over 20 percent of all our subscribers have requested the free upgrade to the new templates. The response is understandable as these new websites represent the most modern and feature filled websites available in chiropractic.

Want a test drive?  Just click on the image above to open a web-page showing a demonstration theme selector. These new ADJUSTable websites incorporate many new features including:

  • Changeable Themes - Imagine being able to switch from a beautiful warm summer theme to a sports or pediatric themeand then to a winter wonderland look just by clicking your mouse.  We will continually be adding new themes so you will never run out of choices.
  • Search Engine Optimization - These new non-frame designed themes optimize the search engines ability to find your website easier than ever before.  But we go one step further. We give you the ability to add your own key words and website title and description! 
  • Content driven non-frames format - This brings articles and features directly into your website and makes it easier for navigation.
  • Dynamic Flash headers - Watch as the name of your office appears amidst a background that is changing.  These headers add beauty and movement to your website.
  • Front Page Content - Office hours and new patient center on your front page that make it easy for new and current practice members to find out the basic information they need fast!
  • Alternating Articles on Front Page - Each time someone visits your website, a new set of articles appears on the front page.  This keeps your home page looking new and fresh, with new content, every time someone returns.
  • New Subluxation Pages - Much of our content has now been updated with new interactive graphics.  See below for more highlights. 

Once your website is converted over to the new ADJUSTable Websites, all you will need to do to change the look of your entire site is go into your NYK Central account, and select which theme you want.  Instantly, you will have a new look!  It's that simple!

How Can You Upgrade Your Website to the New NYK ADJUSTable Website?

First we recommend you act as quickly as possible. As you can imagine most all of our subscribers are looking to upgrade.  In order to handle the tremendous response, we are scheduling a certain number each week, on a first scheduled, first served basis. We will be limiting the number of updates we can do per week so as to not interfere with normal subscriber services. 

Second, there is NO CHARGE to upgrade your website to the new templates!  To request an upgrade of your website to the new ADJUSTable format, just click on the special upgrade request link in your NYK Central account website control page.  The upgrade message and link are on the opening page after you have logged in, and look like the text in box below.

New "ADJUSTable Websites" Now Available !!!
FREE Upgrade for Subscribers with Website Service!

 Click here to submit a request for a FREE upgrade

If you have any problems and cannot log into your secure NYK Central account, or if you have lost your User ID or Password, you can call our toll free number at 800-695-8937 for assistance.


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