March 25, 2008


Sending Echiropractic Cards to Your Mailing List

Imagine being able to give all your practice members a health pamphlet once a week or so. Most practice builders recommend giving your practice members regular health pamphlets to help educate them.  This is a good idea, but can become costly.  However, if you have the capability to give these out via email, the cost is negligible.  The Now You Know service, Echiropractic, gives you that ability.

There are over 80 Echiropractic online cards in this NYK service.  Some of these Echiropractic cards, such as "Welcome new patients", "Thanks for the referral" or "Appointment reminders", are obviously designed to be sent out individually.  However, some messages are just fine for broadcast emailing to your entire mailing list.  Can you imagine the ability to send one of Dr. Fred Barge's health tracks out to your entire practice population?  With your Echiropractic service, this is possible.

The NYK Premium Package, and Premium Package Plus services allow you to use the Echiropractic service in conjunction with the bulk mailing capabilities of the NYK Newsletter service.  This allows you to mail Echiropractic messages out to your entire practice list.  In this NYK Tips, we will cover the simple procedure of sending an Echiropractic message out to your entire mailing list.

The first thing you need to do is to log into your NYK Central account.  When you do, you will see a list of the services you currently subscribe to.   If you are a Premium subscriber, select the "Echiropractic" service.

From the next screen, select the choice "Send an Echiropractic Card".  The screen below will then appear.  From this screen, you can follow the easy 1-2-3 steps on that screen as shown below.

1) At the top of this screen, step # 1, you can select from 6 categories of cards in the drop-down menu.  In this example, we selected the "Chiropractic Principles of Health" category.

2) In step # 2, we then clicked on the "Healing Takes Time" card written by Dr. Fred Barge.  You will see a thumbnail of the card you selected in the larger window to the right.  If you want to read the card, you can click on that thumbnail to open up a window with a full size version of the card.

3) In step # 3, you then click on the radio button for "Contact List" which allows you to select one of your mailing lists from the drop-down list.  Next, you fill in the "Subject" you want to appear in the broadcast email. In the "Message" box you can add a personal message that will appear in the Echiropractic card itself.

When the 1-2-3 steps are completed you can click on the "Send" button to mail the Echiropractic card out to your selected list.  It's that simple!

Note: Whenever doing a mass mailing, we recommend you create a "test-list" of contacts with only a few email addresses including your own.  You should use this list to do a test mailing first so that you can see how the mailing looks and check for errors you may have made. This simple extra step can save you embarrassment or unneeded explanations.



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