May  7 , 2008


Having a Blog on Your Website

Increasingly, we have been getting questions about having Blogs on our subscriber's websites.  The most common question is, of course, "Can I have a Blog on my NYK website?"  The answer is "Yes, very easily."  Placing a Blog on your site is no big deal.  Built into the NYK system is the ability to place user editable pages, (pages where you control the content), into your website.  It is then a simple matter of us adding a link to that page into your index or table of contents and you now have a Blog!

The hard question is not can you have a Blog, but what do you put on it?  Having a Blog is a really good idea, but only if you add to it on a regular basis.  A Blog on your website will not generate any interest if you only update it every few weeks or so.  For a Blog to get regular viewers, it must contain relative, and time sensitive material. The goal here is to have your patients check your Blog regularly, and find it so interesting that they refer others to it.

So here are some tips if you want to have a Blog on your website.

  1. Update it regularly: Even if only once a week, make sure you add something on a regular basis.  If you choose to update weekly, it is best to do the update on the same day each week so that viewers know when to look for new material.

  2. You do not have to write original content for each entry.  You can write a short commentary, then place a link to an article that you found interesting somewhere else on the web.  Avoid just copying and pasting entire articles or pictures from somewhere else as you could run into copyright issues.

  3. Use services like YouTube.  YouTube has lots of good educational chiropractic videos posted on their site.  You could easily write a short description and then link to that YouTube page so that your readers just click to that particular YouTube video.

  4. Check our publication, "The Information Age".  We send out The Information Age free each month.  In this email publication, we include a section called, "The Good, the Bad, and the Subluxated! - AKA - Chiropractic in the News".  This section contains links to many articles on health and chiropractic that could provide you with material to comment on.  Some articles are not suitable for patients, but many are just fine.

  5. Check the NYK Newsletter.  If you are also a subscriber to the NYK Newsletter service, your patients already receive a great informational and timely newsletter from you.  However, you could add even more discussion on the articles in a Blog.

Blogs can be a great tool to generate interest in your website.  However, like anything else, the more you put into it, the more you get in return.  If you are inclined to do the work, a Blog can be very rewarding and educational.



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