August 2008


Fee Change Announcement

Dear NYK Subscriber,

As of your October 2008 billing you will notice a modest increase of $10 per month in your quarterly charges for your service.  This represents the first increase in our fees in years, and will help us continue to deliver the most up to date services, technology and features.

Unlike gas prices, which were under $2 per gallon when we last adjusted some of our fees, we have continued to upgrade our services and technology.  Below is a list of just some of the upgrades and additions that we have added over the last several years.

  • New ADJUSTable Websites; This allows you to change the entire look and feel of your website instantly yourself.
  • Search Engine Optimization; Our new websites utilize the most modern technology to help get your website high in the search engine rankings, and allow you to customize your keywords and website title.
  • Echiropractic Bulk Mailing; Now you can send any of our Echiropractic online cards out to your entire mailing list.  We have also added over 30 additional Ecards.
  • Bulk Emailing of your created announcements; Create your own flyers or announcements and send these announcements to your entire patient email list.
  • Chiropractic Depot; An online store linked directly into your website with over 500 products so that visitors can shop for health and wellness products, while providing you with a passive income on every sale.
  • Full Website Statistical Analysis; Check to see how many visitors your website is getting, what pages, what time of day, and much more information.
  • Add Custom Message to Your Newsletter; You can add your own additional message to the NYK Newsletter to keep your patients informed about your office.
  • Video in Your Website; You can add videos into your website so that patients can get messages from you or watch things such as testimonials from your patients.
  • Many More Features, and More to come; We currently have several ground breaking projects underway to further enhance the educational and functional value of your NYK services.

Now You Know continues to offer the best value in chiropractic internet education and services.  We pledge to strive to offer great service, combined with cutting edge technology. We also listen to our subscribers.  We have implemented many suggestions and improvements not listed above that were suggested by our subscribers.  If you have additional requests please feel free to bring them to us.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  We thank you for your continued support and your continued shared desire to bring the message of chiropractic to as many people as possible.

Yours in Chiropractic,
Bob Braile, DC, CEO
BJ Harman DC. CFO
Now You Know Inc.


Hundreds of NYK Subscribers Have Requested
FREE Upgrades to the New
NYK ADJUSTable Websites.  So how do I Request an Upgrade for My Website

Upgrading is easy. We realize that most of our current subscribers will want to convert their websites over to this new and exciting platform.  So to get everyone who wants to be converted as quickly as possible we are scheduling a certain number each week, on a first scheduled, first served basis. There is NO CHARGE to upgrade your website to the new templates!  

To schedule your website to be updated just follow these simple steps.

1) Log into your NYK Central account from the front page of our website at Enter your User ID and Password and click "Login". If you have any problems and cannot log into your secure NYK Central account, or if you have lost your User ID or Password, you can call our toll free number at 800-695-8937 for assistance in logging in.

2) Click on the special upgrade request link "Click here to submit a request for a FREE upgrade" on the front page of your NYK Central account control page as shown below.

3) On the page that appears just follow the three easy steps to submit your request for a FREE upgrade.  When you click on one of the thumbnails in the slide window a larger version of the theme appears in the viewer below.