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When you choose NYK’s website service you get a personalized website, loaded with educational features and much much more. We make it easy for you to get your website online. We provide the design, hosting, publishing, and updating!

Only $39.95 per month!
Initial one-time start-up fee of $249.00

Only $89.85 per month for all four
NYK services in our Premium Plus Package!
(Website Service, Email Newsletter Service/ Bulk mailing service, Echiropractic, and Chiropractic Depot)

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Changeable Website Themes

With NYK you can change the look of your website as often as you change your mind. Our new templates off the ability to instantly change the color scheme and look of your website yourself. You can change for the seasons, holidays, of just because you can!  With new themes being added regularly, your website will ALWAYS look fresh!


New Patient Center

Article Search: Visitor to your site should not have to search around to find what they want.  Our NYK New Patient Center is designed to give them an easy portal to search for health articles, as well as get vital information on your office

Interactive Map: The New Patient Center also includes a link to an interactive map that helps new patients find your office and give them directions from their location.

Your Forms Online:  No longer will new patients have to spend time filling out forms in your office.  With NYK we can place your forms online so your new patients can fill them out at home and bring them in completed.  This is a time saver for you and them.


Unlimited Personalized Pages and Updates

With an NYK website you truly get a customized website.  You can add unlimited customized pages and unlimited updates at no additional charge. Some of the things you can have include, a map to your office, your office hours, your fees, a virtual tour of your office, a kids page, or whatever your imagination can think of.


Current Newsletter Edition Online

Now You Know produces the most well documented, up-to-date, and relevant patient email  newsletter available in chiropractic. (click here to learn about the NYK Newsletter service) The articles from these newsletters are archived in your NYK website.  However, if you are also an NYK Newsletter subscriber, each month the current issue is placed in your website so that patients can reference back to any articles they saw in their email.  These two services in conjunction make a great referral tool.


Ask The Experts

Your patients will have the ability to hear about subluxation from Dr. Jim Sigafose.  They will also be able to learn about the importance of chiropractic for children and infants from Dr. Dick Plummer, and Dr. Jeanne Ohm.

Think about how excited your patients will get when hearing how chiropractic can help in athletic performance from Dr. Pete Gratale.

These are just some of the experts that have already contributed to the NYK Ask The Experts section..


Your Video Online

With a Now You Know website, you can have a short video from you greeting visitors to your website. Add a video personal touch to your website. Most digital cameras today can record short videos. At Now You Know, we use this technology to make your website more informative, while making it more personal.

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Rotating Articles

At Now You Know we believe our content is the most informative and creditable content available for the chiropractic profession. Our articles are gear specifically toward stimulating referrals from existing patients and visitors to your site.  On the front page of your website we place a series of articles that changes automatically so that the front of your website becomes both informative and fresh!


Over 800 Pages of Content

With a Now You Know web site you get over 800 pages of current articles and information on chiropractic and health. Many of these pages come from the NYK Newsletter and come with a search feature, and are updated every month with new additional information. This makes your web site a virtual chiropractic and health encyclopedia for your patients. At NYK, we pride ourselves at having the best content available for a chiropractic web site!


Search Engine Optimization

Most people will visit your site by referrals.  But it is also important to have your site be optimized for search engines.  Our new website design (non-frame) maximizes search engine abilities to make it easier to find your site. We also include automatic updating content so that the spyders find something new every time they come. We also include optimized page titles and site maps so that search engines can find and index each of your pages easily.  In addition to our new design features, we also allow you to choose your own keywords and website title making your site even more optimized for the types of searches your community will perform.



Subluxation Explanationion

Understanding a subluxation is a key component in chiropractic education.  Since we at NYK are chiropractors we have a lot of experience in this area and take this educational section very seriously.  We designed this area of the educational offering to include an interactive nerve chart, dynamic flash images, and a simple, scientific explanation.  These pages also include information of subluxation degeneration and visual tools to help understand the dangers of subluxations.

Interactive Nerve Chart


Do-It-Yourself Pages

With a n NYK website you will have certain portions of your site that you can self update instantly!  If you need to make changes every day, GREAT!  We also have a staff of professional webmasters for those who want more extensive changes, or who want to update portions that can not be self updated. We also make life easy with our online tutorials that covers every aspect of our services step by step.


Health Topics Pages

Every day there are new news and research articles that support the chiropractic understanding of health.  As a practitioner you do not have the time to review all the media and articles that are out there.  That's why we do it for you.  This section of the website consists of links to outside articles and research supporting our paradigm.  These links will be updated as regularly to bring your patients and your community the most current news and scientific information available on chiropractic.  This service alone is worth the price of all the NYK services combined!


Dynamic Flash Headers

When you change your theme, a new matching flash header is automatically created for you - instantly.  Why have a stagnant website when you can have the most dynamic updated website available.  Your name, logo and information are prominently displayed for all to see immediately.


Your Own Email Address

Why advertise AOL, Mindspring, or any other Internet service, every time you give someone your email address. With a NYK website you get your own email address that advertises your website.  You have the ability to have this new email address forwarded to your current account, downloaded into Outlook or any other mail program, or you can check your email online form any computer using our NYK online mail system.


How Does It Work?

  • The Web Design Service includes all the support you need to get you on the Web. We handle the design and hosting for you. No additional charges for domain name registration for the first year.

  • All you have to do is fill out some simple forms on line, make some selections and we can start building your website.  It is as simple as that!

  • You get your own Domain Name! You are not sold pages on someone else's web site. At Now You Know we get you your own domain name, which is yours for as long as you want it.

  • No per page setup charges, you get it all for the one-time low startup fee of $249.00 which includes the first year of your domain registration fee! The monthly subscription fee for website only is $39.95 ! For your convenience we bill your services quarterly.

  • NO CONTRACTS !  We believe we must earn your business continually. The services of NYK are paid on a quarterly basis.  We do not feel we will need to get one or two year commitments from our doctors.  We believe you will stay because we are simply the best!

  • With Now You Know we also include over 800 consumer pages of chiropractic and health information! One of the best features of the Now You Know web service is the consumer information and chiropractic articles and links. This gives your patients, and prospective patients valuable information about chiropractic and health issues. This turns your web site into a chiropractic and health encyclopedia for your patients All this at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!


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