October 2009


Introducing Now You Know's Waiting Room Module, the...

NYK's Chiropractic News Service, "CNS"

FREE with your NYK Website Subscription

Now You Know is proud to announce the newest feature of our website service, the "Chiropractic News Service". This newest feature is available now for your waiting room, which we now encourage you to rename your "Education Room."

The above and below are the front and back of the flyer we have created describing this new feature. Below is a description of how to get this up and running in your waiting, (ah sorry) "Education" room.  Click on either image to download a flyer.

Now You Know has always offered the BEST educational material for chiropractic on the web. Now you can have that same information live in your office.



How Can I Get the Chiropractic News Service In My "EDUCATION ROOM"?
You Already Have it!

Here's all you have to do.

  1. Get a flat screen TV for your Education room. We suggest a minimum of 42" which makes it easy to read from anywhere. The CNS is set to run on most high definition Flat Screen TVs with a wide screen (16x9) ratio.

  2. Hook the Flat screen TV up to an online computer. Sound is not needed at this time, but we recommend you hook up the sound which will be needed in the future, and would allow you to run online radio stations in the background if you wish.

  3. Download the free web browser "Firefox" from Mozilla. This can be downloaded from the website at: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/. Install this browser on the computer hooked up to your flat screen.

  4. Open your NYK Central account, and click on the website service. It would be easier to do this on the computer hooked up to the TV, but you can do this from any other online computer.

  5. You will notice a new icon for the Chiropractic News Service. click on this new icon. This will then open your Chiropractic News Service Management Page as seen below.

  6. On this page you will see several icons that allow you control areas of your CNS screen. The "Manage Your Headlines", allows you to change the scrolling messages that are at the top of the screen. Manage Your Logos, allows you to select from among the logos you have previously sent to NYK that appear on your website. The Manage Your CNS Welcome Screen is pre-set with your information, but you can change this as you desire.

  7. The Launch My CNS Module closes your session in NYK Central and opens the Chiropractic News Service screen.

  8. NOTE: If you are using a computer not attached to the TV, when you launch the CNS screen you should write down the URL address generated for your CNS screen and then type that address directly into the browser on the computer attached to your Flat Screen TV.

  9. Important: You can only show the CNS using the free browser "Firefox". Using your "F11" key allow you to set your browser to "full screen mode" which is best for viewing the CNS service on your flat screen.

That's it! We recommend you bookmark your CNS page so that you can return to that page immediately whenever you want. You may want to make the CNS page your default home page on the computer connected to the Flat Screen so that every time you open your Firefox browser, your CNS opens up. All you need to do is to hit the F11 button on your keyboard to make the CNS full screen.