Dear Dr. xxxx,

Welcome to the Now You Know family !

Yes, we do consider our community of NYK doctors to be an extended family. This is because we are all on the same mission. You see, I am a chiropractor. My goal is to educate as many people about chiropractic care as is possible. I see the services of NYK as a way of doing that and bringing more people to chiropractic care in your office.

I will offer one piece of advice. Our services come with a lot of features and things you can do to educate your practice members and your community. And, as user friendly as we make our services, the overall size  and breath of what you can do may look daunting in the beginning. My advice is to take your time and learn about these services over time. Implement features only as fast as you feel comfortable, so that you or your staff do not get overwhelmed.

Eventually, you will see just how much education and promotion you can accomplish with just a little effort. We did not adapt technology to fit a chiropractic office. We created new technology to work in, and with chiropractic!

Please look over our Support area and view some of our instructional videos. If you still have any questions, please feel free to call our toll free number for assistance. You will be receiving additional emails from our staff with further instructions. Please look for them.

First and foremost, we are a service. Being chiropractors, we understand the service-first concept. You probably noticed that we did not make you sign any contracts that force you to stay with us. All you did was subscribe to our services. We like it that way. We want to have to continually earn your business.

Again, thank you for subscribing with us. Enjoy your services, and educate the word about chiropractic!

Spreading the Chiropractic message,
Bob Braile DC CEO Now You Know Inc.

Impressed and Satisfied!

Dr. Braile and the Team at Now You Know,

Wanted to let you know how we are continually impressed and satisfied with your website and email newsletter service. As you know we have been a satisfied client for over 7 years. Our chiropractic team uses the Now You Know articles on a daily basis to help educate our patients about health concerns and chiropractic. The E-News Letter Now You Know sends out monthly is awesome! Just a few weeks ago we had a reactivated patient from over 5 years ago and she thanked us for "never forgetting about her", due to the fact that she was getting our monthly email newsletter. Your technical support is always prompt and helpful. Best of all, and the reason we refer so many other docs to Now You Know, is because your service is founded and run by principled chiropractors!

Always Faithful,
Drs. Jeremy & Amanda Hess

Having an Impact!

Dr. Bob

I just wanted to drop you this note to thank you and to congratulate you. You recently devoted a segment of your NYK newsletter to the "Our Nations Heroes" project. Through the dissemination of this information, I believe a great many more returning vets will have the opportunity to know the benefits of chiropractic and to know our appreciation. For that I truly thank you.

Now for the congratulations. After your letter went out, the calls I received regarding "Our Nations Heroes" from docs wanting more information, had to be at least 4 to 1 over any other publication response. Each credited NYK as their source.

You are being read, having an impact and seem to be ahead of the pack in creating response. Job well done.

Yours in Health,
Dr R.J. Kelly

We are a "Service"!

Hi All:

Just wanted to say thanks for all the good work that you do. We have a steady stream of Chiropractic interns coming through our clinic; they are always impressed with our website, and I know that some of them have already (or are planning to) contacted you to set up a website for them. Keep up the good work! Please pass this message on to anyone else at NYK.

Ann M. Finelli
Public Relations & Marketing

We do the work, so you don't have to!

Hi Bobby,

Just wanted to let you know the November articles are Fantastic. Each Newsletter is great, the Articles in the November 2007 reached everyone.

Wishing you and the family a very happy holiday season

Very truly
Dr Janet Cuhel,


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