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Dear NYK Premium Plus Subscriber,

Great News! Chiropractic Depot is now ACTIVE!

After an incredible effort by many over the past 2 years, Chiropractic Depot is now up and running on your site. If you look at your website, you will notice a new icon on your front page - like the one you see here on the left. This icon, along with a link on your website index, opens the Chiropractic Depot and allows viewers to purchase items from your storefront.

There are several things you should do ASAP in order to get the most out of your Chiropractic Depot and remain in compliance with any regulations in your area.

1) Make sure that we have your routing number for the account you want money from commissions to be deposited into. You can call our toll free number, (800-695-8937) to speak with one of our staff directly about this information.

2) Enter NYK Central and deselect any products that you do NOT want to have included in your storefront. By default, all available products are currently available for sale on your site. You may want to remove some individual products, or an entire category of products. This can be easily accomplished in the new sections in NYK Central related to the Chiropractic Depot.

3) You will notice the words “Welcome to Chiropractic Depot” under the Chiropractic Depot icon on your website. These words are actually from a newly created document in your NYK Central documents where you can create your own customized message. Use this area to create any message you want or may need to comply with any state regulations. (see item #4 below)

4) Check with you state law to see if there are any required disclaimers or disclosures needed if you have a storefront on your website where patients could purchase products. Conformity with your state regulations is your responsibility. Please make sure you follow any requirements that may exist for this type of profit center.

In a few days, you will receive a written manual that covers the basics of using the Chiropractic Depot. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us. Good luck and enjoy the benefits of bringing health and wellness products to your community.

Now You Know,
Bob Braile DC