Dear Dr. aaa,

Congratulations!  Your website has been updated to the NYK ADJUSTable Website format!

If you go to your site you will notice a big change in what it looks like as well as how it functions. This new website incorporates many advancements, features and upgrades in content.

There are several key features you will probably want to know about. So here is a quick review.

1) "ADJUSTable Website" - (Changeable themes) - You can log into NYK Central and click on your service (Website) that you see in the list of your services.  You should then see the screen below.

Now click on the magic top hat with "ADJUSTable Website Theme Selection" and you will see the following screen where you can select different themes and change the look of your website instantly.  Cool Stuff!!!

From the selection page (like above) just follow the simple instructions to change the theme.

2) Search Engine Optimized - This new system has been built in a non-frame format to be search engine optimized.  But we went a step further, we also included another groundbreaking feature.  You now have the ability to create your own keywords and website description.  To do this, go to your main website menu (pictured above) and click on the "Create/Change Document for My Website" icon. This will open a page with a list of documents that you can edit yourself to make additional instant changes on your website.  (Office hours, etc)  In that list you will see two items listed as "WebsiteDescription" and "WebsiteKeywords".   Click on each of these links to open a page with a box where you can type in either a list of key words, or a website description.  Use these to help search engines find you and describe your website.

3) Easier navigation and more features on front page.  From here the list gets even more impressive.  We included things such as articles search and icons, drop down menus, dynamic Flash headers, office hours on the front page, a New Patient Center, and a newsletter sign up, all on your front page!  We have even placed articles on the front page that change each time you refresh the page!  We will also be able to easily add new features as they come onboard in the near future.

Note: There are several areas that we recommend you handle ASAP.  These are the User Controlled Pages pages that are on your site.  There are some new ones  that you should personalize and edit that so that these pages reflect your practice.  On your website, specifically look under the "New Patients" drop down menu and click the "Services" page.  That page, and all those pages under your control can be edited in your NYK Central account in the "Create/Change Document for My Website" section by editing the document called "Services".    As with the other documents in that area, you can make changes instantly yourself that will immediately show up on your website.  In addition to the Services page, please re-check your office hours listed as "HomePageOfficeHours" in your NYK Central document list. Your new website displays your office hours on your front page, and you will want to make sure that the hours listed are correct.

Also: In the "New Patient Center" located on your front page, you will see a link for "New Patient Forms".  You are welcome to use the generic forms we provide.  However, you may want to have us switch these forms with ones from your clinic.  If your forms are not purchased and the copyrighted material of someone else, you can send the form to us (in electronic format using the simple website change submission form in NYK Central) and we will be happy to place your forms on your website.

Please take a few minutes and go over your site and give it a thorough shakedown. Please go ahead and play, by changing your website theme several times. Oh,... the answer is YES, there are many more themes planned and on the way. We just wanted to get these out and going before adding more

If you have any questions please let us know.  I hope you are as excited about your new website as we are.  A lot of work went into creating these new themes and new system.  We think you will be pleased.

Spreading the chiropractic message,

Bob Braile DC
Now You Know