Chiropractic 108th Anniversary Issue - September 18, 2003

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  • Now You Know Subscriber's Website Wins Award

  • Pop-Up Ads Getting Annoying?

  • Philosophy E-Newsletter "The 34th Principle" Started by New Beginnings

  • Chiro-News Links

  • Chiropractic Without A Doubt Seminars

  • Now You Know Internet Educational Services

  • NYK Upcoming Schedule

  • Products for your Office and Practice

  • How to Contact NYK

Now You Know Subscriber's Website Wins Award

One of our Now You Know website subscribers, Foster Family Chiropractic, has won the "ChiroMaster" award for one of the best websites in 2003.  The award given by Dynamic Chiropractic Magazine's is given each year to the chiropractic websites that showcase the best and most creative individual chiropractic sites on the Web. 

Dr. Shad A. Foster has added many pages to his website in addition to the hundreds of pages he automatically receives from Now You Know.  We congratulate him on his effort and award.  The website,, uses our original "Royal" template. This template is one of 33 available to Now You Know subscribers.


Pop-Up Ads Getting Annoying?

If you use the Internet on any kind of a regular basis, you probably get annoyed at the barrage of pop-up ads that get in the way and slow down your computer.  There are lots of companies that are offering "Pop-Up Stoppers" to help you with this.  There are a number of them that have various levels of function to help with this situation.  One company, "Panic Ware" produces several versions of advanced pop-up stoppers including a basic free version that you can download online.

I have been using this product myself and it seems to function well.  An important feature in any of these products is the ability to turn them off or on easily for when you do want to allow a pop-up browser window.  This is especially important with websites that use pop-ups for security information you may need to enter to gain access to certain pages.

The free version of Panicware's pop-up stopper can be found at: .


Philosophy E-Newsletter "The 34th Principle" Started by New Beginnings

This new free email newsletter is the combined effort of the New Beginnings chiropractic philosophy meetings and Now You Know Internet educational company. In this email newsletter we will be spreading the message of the principles of chiropractic to the world.  Each month "The 34th Principle" will bring words, wisdom, and insight from many of the professions best philosophers who have shared their love of chiropractic at New Beginnings. Some of these newsletters will speak on pure philosophy, while others will focus on the implementation of that philosophy into practice. To subscribe to this newsletter please visit the New Beginnings website at or click on the banner for the newsletter below.


Chiro-News Links

There is a lot of chiropractic news that makes the general media world-wide.  Not all the news is good, but it is worth knowing about.  To help keep you informed Now You Know has adding this Chiro-News section with links to some of the various news items about chiropractic. To see the articles please click on the headline link below.


Chiropractic Without A Doubt Seminars

The ICA has set an ambitious schedule for the Chiropractic Without A Doubt program this fall.  This program, featuring Dr. Steve Hoffman and myself, covers the range of science, technique, research, and education technology for chiropractic.  Response to this program has been very positive as attendees not only get license renewal credit but also get valuable information that can be used in practice the next day.  The upcoming schedule for this program is:

  • Sept. 27-28 Austin (16 hrs.)

  • Oct. 18-19 Columbia, SC (12 hrs.)

  • Nov. 1-2 Milwaukee, WI (12 hrs.)

  • Nov. 15-16 Phoenix, AZ (12 hrs.)

To register for this program please visit the ICA website at, or call them at 800-423-4690.


Now You Know Internet Educational Services

Now You Know Websites: Our combination of features, updates, message quality and quantity of content has made Now You Know the largest provider of individual web sites to the chiropractic profession. There are 33 templates to choose from, over 700 pages of content, and many other features at a great price. Check out the ever growing list of features on our website at:, then click on "Website Service".

Now You Know Email Newsletter Service: Our newsletter is the most popular patient email newsletter in chiropractic.  We estimate that over 100 thousand people read these each month.  Current and hard-hitting articles on health and chiropractic issues delivered directly to your patient's inbox has made our newsletter service unsurpassed in chiropractic.  Additionally, our newsletter service now allows our subscribers to easily send bulk emails out to your entire list.  So not only can your patients get the great stories and articles from the NYK Newsletter, but they can also get updates created by the doctor! 

Echiropractic:  We push the technology window to the limit with online chiropractic pamphlets, cards and office letters for unlimited use.  This service allows the subscriber to send unlimited individual emails directly to patientsEach Echiropractic message can be customized with a message from the doctor.  This service is similar to some other popular online greeting cards, with one big difference. These messages are for chiropractic offices, with chiropractic messages.

Now You Know Premium Package: Using all three educational services above the Premium Package is the best resource available for complete online educational tools in chiropractic.  All this is packaged together at a great savings.


NYK Upcoming Seminars and Shows

We would like to thank the many associations, organizations and groups that have us on their programs speaking. Dates permitting, we would love to participate at your Association or Society convention as well. If you are interesting in having us at your program please contact us at either or call us at 800-695-8937. Below is a list of programs and appearances we are attending in the near future.




September 19-21, 2002

Chiropractic For Life
Philosophy Forum!
Hotel Sofitel Chicago O'Hare IL

Chirothots - Kevin Donka, D.C.
(847) 458-6900

September 19-21, 2002

Georgia Council of Chiropractic
Hyatt Regency Savannah River GA


September 27-28, 2003
Speaking & Booth

"Chiropractic Without a Doubt"
by ICA, Austin, TX

ICA  1-800-423-4690 

October 4-5, 2003
Speaking & Booth

Florida Chiropractic Society
20 hour express - Daytona Beach


October 10-12 2003

Georgia Chiropractic association
Atlanta Marriott, Century Center


October 18-19, 2003
Speaking & Booth

"Chiropractic Without a Doubt"
South Carolina

ICA  1-800-423-4690 

October 23-26, 2003
Speaking & Booth

New Beginnings - NJ
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New Beginnings

October 30-Nov. 02, 2003
Speaking & Booth

DE seminar
Waverly Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia


October 30-Nov. 02, 2003

Life Source Seminar
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia


November 1-2, 2003
Speaking & Booth

"Chiropractic Without a Doubt"
by ICA, Milwaukee, WI

ICA  1-800-423-4690 

November 7-9, 2002

ICA Pediatric Convention
Lake Tahoe

ICA  1-800-423-4690 

November 15-16, 2003
Speaking & Booth

"Chiropractic Without a Doubt"
by ICA, Phoenix, AZ

ICA  1-800-423-4690 

December 6-7, 2003
Speaking & Booth

Florida Chiropractic Society
20 hour express - Orlando Airport Hyatt


December 12-14, 2003

New York Chiropractic Council
New York City



Products for your Office and Practice

NYK Patient Lecture Presentation: Now You Know offers the most graphically impressive patient lecture available in chiropracticUse hi-tech graphics and dazzling images to teach your patients about chiropractic and your office.   Now available with both a CD-Rom for Laptop and LCD projectors, as well as 35mm slides for slide projector presentations.  This presentation also comes with an audio tape of the program being given live to be used as a training tool. oslide01.JPG (11991 bytes)
ChiroTags - As low as only $15 for "Chiropractor":   Do you want thousands to see your name every day? ChiroTags can help you do just that.  All car makers add their logo and name-badge to their cars knowing that it will be seen by millions. If this tactic works for them why not make it work for you.  ChiroTags is a new product available on Chiropractic Depot that you can order directly online through the  website. These name tags can be ordered either with the word "Chiropractor" online for $15.00 or with a custom message for $40.00  ChiroTags can be ordered in either chrome or gold colors and will last as long as your car.  Rarely, do you come across an inexpensive marketing item that can get your name out to so many people so inexpensively.
"ShowMax Spinal Screening Display" at Chiropractic Depot: (  This website is intended to feature supplies and equipment to help chiropractors and those involved with chiropractic have better access to the tools and services they need to grow and reach more people. The feature product of this site is the "ShowMax Spinal Screening Display". This display is the ultimate spinal screening tool. This comes complete with 4 colorful and customizable graphics with your name and office information on them. If you do spinal screenings this portable display booth gives you the professional look you need to draw potential patients to you. This booth can be set up or folded down in seconds and it rolls like a suitcase with wheels. Click on the thumbnail to the right for more information.


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