August 2, 2004 Issue

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  • Now You Know Newsletter Article Makes TV Report

  • Teach the World Seminar Coming to Atlanta

  • Chiro-News Links

  • Why I Recommend Now You Know by Drs. Jennifer and David Cretsinger

  • NYK Upcoming Schedule

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Now You Know Newsletter Article Makes TV Report

Many of the hundreds of subscribers to the Now You Know Email Newsletter have found ways to maximize the service.  One such subscriber is Dr. Clayton L Clark, of San Antonio Texas.  Dr.Clark has positioned himself as the "Chiropractic Expert" for WOIA TV.  In so doing he has the ability to have stories placed on their website and TV broadcast.

On July 19, 2004 Dr. Clark had the entire article "Chiropractic Shown to Help Body Physiology" from our July newsletter placed with WOIA.  This not only helped publicize him to his community, but helped add thousands of people to those who would normally get this article from the hundreds of doctors that subscribe to the NYK Newsletter service.

Our congratulations go out to Dr. Clark for the impact his integration of Internet education has had with the general media.  At Now You Know that's what we want to see.  You can see the article by clicking here.


Teach the World Seminar Coming to Atlanta

One of the hot new programs in Chiropractic is coming to Atlanta, and Now You Know will be there.  We will be giving a 30 minute program on chiropractic philosophy and displaying the Now You Know services at our booth.  We will also have our "My Mission" poster available for those present. Come join us and enjoy!  Below is the release on this program from Teach The World.

When was the last time you sat in a room with 50 of the highest volume Chiropractors in the profession? What would it be like going to a seminar taught by the 5 highest volume chiropractors in history?  Who better to teach you than the largest high volume chiropractors in history? Come and join Drs. Ben Lerner, Greg Loman, and Rob Schiffman the owners of the Teach the World system in Atlanta Ga., August 13th and 14th. The Teach the World System has produced more 500 patients / week chiropractors than any other program in history. Come and experience the Teach the World System with guest speakers like Lee Haney (8X Mr. Olympia) For more information on this life changing event, call 1-866-846-8322.

Click here to download a flyer or visit their website at


Chiro-News Links

There is a lot of chiropractic news that makes the general media world-wide.  Not all the news is good, but it is worth knowing about.  To help keep you informed, Now You Know will be featuring this Chiro-News section in each edition of "The Information Age" email newsletter. This feature will provide the title and links to the various news items of interest to chiropractors. Check each month as we place the news relevant to our profession here in "The Information Age".  To see the articles, please click on the headline link below.


Why I Recommend Now You Know; by Jennifer and David Cretsinger, D.C.

We have used the Now You Know newsletters and website for several years now.  What I love about the website it that is was so easy to get up and going quickly and yet be extremely high caliber.  It looks like we hired a company and spent hours and hours of time to assemble the great links and pages.  Instead, I just studied some of your best sites and borrowed the pages I liked best.  Within a few days, we had a super effective, high impact, impressive tool for marketing.  We use the website in several ways.  We have all new patients go to the website to download their new patient paperwork before coming in.  That puts them into our site to educate them prior to even meeting us. 

We often refer to the site when patients have questions about specific health conditions.  We also are currently just finishing a promotion we call Chiropractic Idol.  It has lasted for five weeks this summer and each week the patients get five questions about chiropractic and they have to go to the website to find the answers.  This brings a large amount of our current patients to the website repeatedly and they have to search through several different pages of the site.  Patients are coming back to us with comments like "wow, this is a great resource to share with my friends who are interested in Chiropractic", etc.  When patients complete the contest, they get a really cool t-shirt that we had made.

The email newsletter has also been extremely effective.  Every month I have about a dozen emails from patients with great comments on articles of the newsletter.  The content is always principled and relevant to my patients.  It's easy to keep the list of patient emails updated and aside from that, we don't have to do anything!  Patients actually think that we took the time to put the whole thing together.  I firmly believe that having several on-going educational components such as daily articles, Power Workshops, daily TIC, the website and the email newsletter that has help grow our practice to 800 patient visits per week!  Thank you for providing this high quality service!

Power On!
Jennifer and David Cretsinger, D.C. Amherst, NH


NYK Upcoming Seminars and Shows

We would like to thank the many associations, organizations and groups that have us speaking on their programs . Dates permitting, we would love to participate at your Association or Society convention as well. If you are interested in having us at your program, please contact us at either or call us at 800-695-8937. Below is a list of programs and speaking engagements we have scheduled in the near future.





August 13 -15  2004
Speaking & Booth

Teaching the World About Chiropractic / Body by God
Atlanta GA

TTWAC / Body by God

August 19 - 22, 2004

ICA Pediatric Council Convention
New York City, NY


August 20 - 22, 2004

The Waiting List Practice Seminar
Phoenix, AZ

The Waiting List Practice

August 28 - 29, 2004
Speaking & Booth

"Chiropractic Without a Doubt"
by ICA,
Dallas Texas

ICA  1-800-423-4690

September 10 - 12, 2004
Speaking & Booth

Georgia Council of Chiropractic Convention

Georgia Council of Chiropractic

September 18 - 19, 2004

Connecticut Chiropractic Council


September 25 - 26, 2004
Speaking & Booth

"Chiropractic Without a Doubt"
by ICA,
Spokane, WA

ICA  1-800-423-4690

October 15 - 17, 2004

New York Chiropractic Council Conv.
Westchester  NY

(800) 426-6922

October 21 - 24, 2004
Speaking & Booth

New Beginnings
Ocean Place Conference Resort,
Long Branch NJ

New Beginnings

October 23 - 24, 2004
Speaking & Booth

"Chiropractic Without a Doubt"
by ICA,
Baltimore, MD

ICA  1-800-423-4690

October 28 - 31, 2004

Life Source Seminars
The Westin Atlanta North, Atlanta

Life Source Seminars

November 4 - 7, 2004

"Masters Circle Superconference"
Rio Hotel, Las Vegas


November 12 -14, 2004

The Waiting List Practice Seminar
Washington DC

The Waiting List Practice

November 12 -14, 2004

The Family Practice
Atlanta GA

The Family Practice 

December 4 - 5, 2004
Speaking & Booth

Florida Chiropractic Society
20 hour express - Orlando Airport Hyatt


More dates & locations to come in 2004 as they are confirmed.


Now You Know Internet Educational Services

Now You Know Websites: Our combination of features, updates, message quality and quantity of content has made Now You Know the largest provider of individual websites to the chiropractic profession. There are 33 templates to choose from, over 800 pages of content, and many other features at a great price. Check out the ever growing list of features on our website at:, then click on "Website Service".

Now You Know Email Newsletter Service: Our newsletter is the most popular patient email newsletter in chiropractic.  Current and hard-hitting articles on health and chiropractic issues delivered directly to your patient's inbox has made our newsletter service unsurpassed in chiropractic.  Additionally, our newsletter service now allows our subscribers to easily send bulk emails out to your entire list.  So, not only do your patients get the great stories and articles from the NYK Newsletter, but they can also get updates created by you! 

Echiropractic:  We push the technology window to the limit with online chiropractic pamphlets, cards, and office letters for your unlimited use.  This service allows the subscriber to send unlimited individual emails directly to patientsEach Echiropractic message can be customized with a message from the doctor.  This service is similar to some other popular online greeting cards, with one big difference. These messages are for chiropractic offices with chiropractic messages.

Now You Know Premium Package: Using all three educational services above the Premium Package is the best resource available for complete online educational tools in chiropractic.  All this is packaged together at a great savings.


Products for your Office and Practice

NYK Patient Lecture Presentation: Now You Know offers the most graphically impressive patient lecture available in chiropracticUse hi-tech graphics and dazzling images to teach your patients about chiropractic and your office.   Now available with both a CD-Rom for Laptop and LCD projectors, as well as 35mm slides for slide projector presentations.  This presentation also comes with an audio tape of the program being given live to be used as a training tool.

oslide01.JPG (11991 bytes)

Chiropractic Depot: (  This website features supplies and equipment to help chiropractors and those involved with chiropractic have better access to the tools and services they need to grow and reach more people. The products included on this site include the "ShowMax Spinal Screening Display". This display is the ultimate spinal screening tool. Also, we now have the new electronic "Sign-In".  Why have paper sign-in sheets when you can have patients sign this permanent electronic record. Click on the thumbnail to the right for more information.

Chiropractic Without A Doubt Seminar (  This program, featuring Dr. Steve Hoffman and myself, covers the range of science, technique, research, and education technology for chiropractic. Response to this program has been very positive as attendees not only get license renewal credit but also get valuable information that can be used in practice the next day. You can click on the thumbnail to the right to go to the website and get more information and the upcoming schedule. To register please call the ICA at 800-423-4690.


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