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July, 2007

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Tennessee Attorney General Stops PTs from Adjusting

The Attorney General of Tennessee has issued a ruling that stops Physical Therapists from performing Spinal Manipulations or Spinal Adjustments.  The opinion dated April 23, 2007 clearly prevents PTs from performing these procedures or from saying they do the same thing as chiropractors.  This clearly helps keep the spine in the realm of chiropractic, from a non-surgical standpoint.

The TN. A.G. used the reasoning that PTs do not have the proper training to perform these procedures, to determine when they are needed, or to determine contraindications.  In concluding his remarks he writes, "Therefore, while the physical therapy scope of practice might include performing manual therapy techniques on a patient’s spine, or using physical agents and modalities on a patient’s spine, nevertheless, a licensed physical therapist may not perform or hold himself or herself out as performing “spinal manipulation.”

The possible down side is that in his opinion, TN. Attorney General Robert E. Cooper Jr.(left) makes spinal manipulation and spinal adjustment synonymous. Referencing TN law, he states, "Tenn. Code Ann. § 63-4-101(c)(1) defines “spinal manipulation” and “spinal adjustment” as interchangeable terms that identify a “method of skillful and beneficial treatment where a person uses direct thrust to move a joint of the patient’s spine beyond its normal range of motion, but without exceeding the limits of anatomical integrity.”

This combining of the terms could create problems in jurisdictions where by law PTs are clearly allowed to manipulate the spine.  This also could suggest that an "adjustment" of the spine is no more specific than a manipulation of the spine.  How this portion of the ruling plays out elsewhere has yet to be tested.

Click here to download and read the full ruling.




Chiropractic Depot to open with over 500 products

In just a few short weeks Chiropractic Depot will officially open and start with over 500 products. This new service by Now You Know will allow patients to directly purchase items from their doctor's NYK websites. When a patients makes a purchase, the order is processed directly by the vendor and shipped to the patient. In this process, the doctor receives a commission from each sale.

Some of the products that will be included when Chiropractic Depot opens are the entire "ChiroSense" line of mattresses from SleepLogic. These mattresses are the ICA officially endorsed line of sleep products.  These mattresses were designed with the help of leading chiropractors using chiropractic spinal research in the actual development of these products.

I have had the privilege to visit the SleepLogic plant in Cleveland Ohio and to participate in the design and creation of some of the mattresses. While I was there they actually built a prototype mattress for a new line of mattresses, now released as their "800 series".  These mattresses are absolutely the most comfortable, best supporting mattresses I have ever had the privilege to sleep on.  Yes, I did say sleep on, as I could not wait for the production model. I had the prototype we built during my visit shipped to my home.  Best mattress I've ever slept on.

Also appearing on the Depot when it opens will be all the items from Core Products, Meyer Distributing, First Class Sleeper, Plantronics - Headsets, Elementals Health and Wellness Nutrients, TPK Back Saver Wallets, Sunnyrec Back supports, as well as the line from several other suppliers of health and wellness products. AND THE LIST KEEPS GROWING!




ICA Issues Official Response and Critique of CCGPP “Best Practices” Draft

After a thorough review of the Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters (CCGPP) “Draft Low Back Best Practices Document”, the ICA has issued a response and a detailed critique of the document.

In their release the ICA states, "The ICA, after a careful, deliberate and objective review and analysis of the introduction and the 1st chapter of “Chiropractic Best Practices” developed by the research commission of the Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters, has determined that this document does not meet the most basic needs of the chiropractic patient or the doctor of chiropractic."

Click here to read the ICA Executive Summary

The detailed analysis and critique was conducted by an  ICA Presidential Commission and headed up by ICA Board member Dr. Don Harrison. The critique cited 253 references for their analysis and showed in detailed the scientific shortcomings of the CCGPP draft.

Click here to read the ICA's Committee Critique

In their executive summary the ICA concludes by saying, "The ICA finds that although the CCGPP limited review of the literature addresses the general use of physical medicine modalities in the treatment of general conditions frequently associated with low back pain, it does not adequately address those specific interventions that are unique to the chiropractic profession or the specific conditions most frequently seen by doctors of chiropractic, and it should be rejected in its entirety."



The Good, the Bad, and the Subluxated! - AKA - Chiropractic in the News

We review the world wide web almost every day for articles for our NYK patient newsletter. In reading hundreds of articles, there are always stories that do not make it into our patient newsletter but are of interest to us as chiropractors. Not all of these stories are good, and many of them I do not agree with, but we felt you should know about them. So if you don't have hours to search the world wide web for articles that concern us as chiropractors, just review the links below. To see the actual articles, please click on the headline links below.



NYK Upcoming Seminars and Shows

We would like to thank the many associations, organizations and groups that have us speaking on their programs. Dates permitting, we would love to participate at your Association or Society convention as well. If you are interested in having us at your program, please contact us at either or call us at 1-800-695-8937. Below is a list of programs and speaking engagements we have scheduled in the near future.





Now You Know Internet Educational Services

NYK Websites:  Now You Know is the largest provider of individual websites to the chiropractic profession. Our website service includes your choice of 33 templates, over 800 pages of content, "Ask the Experts" videos, and many other educational features that make an NYK website the best value in patient and community education. Check out the ever growing list of features on our website at:,  then click on "Website Service".

Chiropractic Depot:
Why just pay for a website when you can have your website start paying you?  Chiropractic Depot brings education and income together in your website. With the Chiropractic Depot service, you have a storefront inside your website where patients and visitors can select and purchase from a growing list of health, wellness, and fitness products.  The sales are fulfilled by the vendors and products are shipped directly to your patients.  And the best part is that you get a commission on each sale!

Chiropractic Depot is a service designed to bring the health and wellness industry together with the chiropractic profession. Each year, billions of dollars of health and wellness related products are sold to the public. Chiropractic patients, because of their orientation toward natural health, are prime consumers for these products.  It is time for us as Chiropractors to be the leaders in this consumer driven movement.

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