May 2009


Principle, Passion and Presidents

On Thursday night, May 15th, there will be a special and  historic event. The ICA will be hosting a first ever philosophy evening with 4 past ICA presidents and the incoming ICA President, Dr. Gary Walsemann. This event will be held after the events of The Chiropractic Summit at The Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC.  

The event is open to all and is free of charge. Students, doctors and guests of the Summit are invited to attend this event.

Speakers include ICA past presidents, Dr. Sid Williams, Dr. Bob Braile, Dr. DD Humber, and Dr. John Maltby. The cleanup speaker will be the new ICA President Elect, Dr. Gary Walsemann.

Dr. Walsemann will be sworn in the following Saturday as the ICA's 16th president. He has served on the ICA Board and executive committee for over 20 years. He has recently retired from a high volume practice in Claremont New Hampshire and now resides in Alexander City, Alabama. Dr. Walsemann notes that his retirement from active practice now gives him the time and focus to devote to ICA as president.




Chiropractors Come Out On Top in Consumer Report Study

In April 2009 Consumer Reports released the results of a patient survey study, that will be published in their May 2009 paper edition, showing that chiropractic rated highest among patients in satisfaction of relief of back pain. Results of the study were reported on in several news articles including an April 6, 2009 WebMD article and an April 8, 2009 CBS news story.

The survey noted that 80% of US adults report having back pain some time in their lives. Of those responding to the survey, chiropractic received the highest grade with 59% saying that they were "highly satisfied" with their results. Physical therapy and acupuncture rated second and third with 55% and 53% respectively. In comparison, satisfaction with medical specialist and primary care medical physicians rated only 44% and 34% respectively.

CBS News medical expert Dr. Jennifer Ashton commented that the results of this study reflect what she is seeing in her practice. She noted that back pain is the most common ailment in the country and it is difficult to treat. Dr. Ashton stated that her patients are looking elsewhere, "They're staying away from things like medication, prescription drugs and surgery." Dr. Ashton also warned against a "quick fix" to get rid of the pain. She noted, "A lot of times that's prescription narcotics, which is actually probably the worst thing for you." She also warned, "Surgery is another option, but one that should be used as a last resort."

Dr. John Maltby, President of the International Chiropractors Association added, "For well over 100 years, chiropractors have been seeing a large number of patients suffering with back problems. And although chiropractic does not directly treat the pain, we do work to correct the underlying structural and neurological problem that, in many cases, is causing the problem. This study shows what we have known for a long time. Chiropractic get results and helps people lead normal and healthier lives."




Three Tier Universal Healthcare Proposed, with Chiropractic Only Included in Tier 2

On March 2, 2009 an article was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, that laid out a detailed plan for universal healthcare in which chiropractic is only included on a voluntary basis. The authors of this article call themselves the "Healthcare Professionals for Healthcare Reform", and describe themselves as, "a group of physicians and others interested in health care reform who, recognizing the urgent need for change, convened to propose a universal health care plan that builds on the strengths of the U.S. health care system and improves on its coverage, efficiency, and capacity for patient choice."

In their article, they put forth a detailed plan for universal healthcare delivered in a three tiered system. (The article can been seen here.)  In this proposed system there would be three tiers of service offered.

As they describe it, "Tier 1, the base level, would cover the entire population from cradle to grave. It would include all medical, surgical, and psychiatric therapies considered to be life saving, life-sustaining, or preventive on the basis of the best evidence (from the medical literature and expert opinions)."

In their plan, Tier 2 would, "cover all therapies considered to help with quality of life, as well as some diagnoses or services that do not have sufficient evidence for a Tier 1 indication." This Tier would be administered by private insurance who would be allowed to limit the amount and type of care, subject to and oversight board. As they describe it, "Tier 2 plans can be broad (covering most Tier 2 services) or can be customized for specific groups, such as a geriatric plan that covers extended care facilities but not fertility care; a heavy laborer plan that includes chiropractic therapy; or a worker's compensation plan purchased by employers, employees, or unions." In other words, chiropractic services are second class in this plan.

The last tier of care is described as follows. "Tier 3 would apply to all medical and surgical issues considered luxury or cosmetic, such as radial keratotomy or botulinum toxin treatments. Funding for Tier 3 would not be covered under the EMBRACE system—as in the current system—and all bills would go to the patient."

They differentiate the three tiers by saying, "Pharmaceuticals will have similar tier assignments for medical coverage: Tier 1 would include formulations and therapies that treat or prevent serious illnesses and would mostly be paid for by public funds or be heavily subsidized. Tier 2 would apply to drugs and therapies that enhance quality of life and would be covered by private insurance. Tier 3 would be for luxury items."

From the look of this proposed system, it seems that chiropractic is given a back seat, and the same old philosophy of disease treatment first, will prevail. We need to be wary if we start to hear our government officials working on universal healthcare start to use the phrase, "Three Tier System". If we hear that, we know where it came from and where that train is going!



The Good, the Bad, and the Subluxated! - AKA - Chiropractic in the News

The world wide web is full of articles that are of interest to us as chiropractors. Not all of these stories are good, and many of them I do not agree with. However, you should be aware of them. To see the actual articles, please click on the headline links below.

Happy Birthday Dr. Steve Hoffman. His birthday was May 2 and for his birthday he offered everyone the following invitation for a free audio on creating ideal patients in their practice. Click here to get your free gift.




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