October 2009

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Free Waiting Room Service for Now You Know Website Subscribers!

Now You Know proudly introduces our new waiting room educational module, the...
"Chiropractic News Service"

This new service is FREE for all our NYK Website subscribers. This new service, called the Chiropractic News Service, (CNS) is an educational module designed to be played in your waiting room .  This service sends live chiropractic and health news articles directly to your office to be played on a flat screen TV in your waiting, "Education" room. These articles come from the highly acclaimed NYK Newsletter service.

But that's not all. In addition to great news articles playing continually in your "Education" room, you  also have the ability to customize this service by adding your own scrolling messages at the top of the screen. On the top left, the CNS screen always displays your office information and logo. The CNS screen also displays your local weather for the next 3 days. Additionally, you can customize this service further by having your own photo gallery continually showing pictures from your office. Click on the image below to download a pdf flyer for this service.

Today, most banks play financial news in their lobby.  Most airport terminals play airport news, and even department stores play shopping news at their checkout lines. Now you can have chiropractic news continually playing in your waiting area. However, you may just want to change the name of that area to your "Education Room".

The CNS service is FREE to Now You Know Website subscribers. If you are not a NYK Website subscriber, you can get the CNS for your waiting area for the regular price of an NYK Website subscription.



How Can I Get the Chiropractic News Service In My "EDUCATION ROOM"?

If you have an Now You Know Website, you already have it!

Adding the CNS to your office is SIMPLE!

  1. Get a flat screen TV for your Education room. We suggest a minimum of 42" which makes it easy to read from anywhere. The CNS is set to run on most high definition Flat Screen TVs with a wide screen (16x9) ratio.

  2. Hook the Flat screen TV up to an online computer.

  3. Download the free web browser "Firefox" from Mozilla. This can be downloaded from the website at: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/. Install this browser on the computer hooked up to your flat screen.

  4. Open your NYK Central account (NYK website subscribers only), and with a few simple clicks you have the Chiropractic News Service in your education room.



Doctors Warn Swine Flu Vaccine May Do More Harm Than Good

This story below is a reprint form the Now You Know Patient Newsletter that was sent to over a quarter of a million chiropractic patients. Since this is hot topic in health care, we at NYK felt that the entire profession should have access to this information.

The above headline comes from an October 8, 2009 story on the "Fox8Live" news show and on their website. This news story along with many others warn of the potential dangers of the H1N1 vaccine in contrast to the seriousness of the disease itself.

In the above story, Dr. Akili Graham, a family practice expert says that he and his family will not be getting the vaccine. He warns, "People are going to take the vaccine based on fear and ignorance." He warns that a more serious problem could develop, "When you start mixing the vaccine with the swine flu, when they co-join and change, they have the potential to cause major problems because of the combination of the two."

A similar story on the same day in the Virginia Beach Conservative Examiner carried the headline, "Infectious disease doctor says swine flu vaccine too risky". In this story, infectious disease expert Dr. Kent Holtorf stated, "I have more concern about the vaccine than I do about the swine flu. It’s been rushed to market." Dr. Holtorf, speaking about the fact that the controversial substance Thimerosal is being used as an adjuvant, added, “It’s been shown to cause autism in children with mitochondrial dysfunction.” When asked if he would give the shot to his kids, Dr. Holtorf answered: “I definitely would not.”

On September 11, 2009, an interview appeared on the Financial Times health blog website with Dr. Tom Jefferson, a medically trained epidemiologist and Cochrane reviewer who has a special research interest in the effectiveness of vaccinations. Dr. Jefferson started his comments by answering the question of how effective are seasonal vaccines? He responded, "Our reviews either show no effect or limited effect, and poor data."

Another article on the website, Center for Medical Consumers, on September 24, 2009, Dr. Jefferson noted that the World Health Organization changed their definition of the word “pandemic” in May, 2009, just prior to classifying the "Swine Flu" as a pandemic. The earlier definition of pandemic was: “An influenza pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity, resulting in epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness [emphasis in the original document].”  The NEW definition of pandemic was changed to: “A disease epidemic occurs when there are more cases of that disease than normal. A pandemic is a worldwide epidemic of a disease. An influenza pandemic may occur when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity.”

In an October 9, 2009 story on USA Today's website is a headline that says, "One-third of parents oppose H1N1 vaccines." This story reports on a poll by the Associated Press showing that parents are concerned about the safety and effectiveness of the H1N1 vaccine. The AP poll found that 38% of parents said they were unlikely to give permission for their kids to be vaccinated at school. In that same AP poll, conducted Oct. 1-5, they found that  72% of those surveyed are worried about side effects.



The Good, the Bad, and the Subluxated! - AKA - Chiropractic in the News

The world wide web is full of articles that are of interest to us as chiropractors. Not all of these stories are good, and many of them I do not agree with. However, you should be aware of them. To see the actual articles, please click on the headline links below.



NYK Upcoming Seminars and Shows

We would like to thank the many associations, organizations and groups that have us speaking on their programs. Dates permitting, we would love to participate at your Association or Society convention as well. If you are interested in having us at your program, please contact us at either nowyouknow@nowyouknow.net or call us at 1-800-695-8937. Below is a list of programs and speaking engagements we have scheduled in the near future.




Now You Know Internet Educational Services

First and Foremost, We Are a Service:  Since we are chiropractors, we understand the concept of "service".  We make every aspect of our service "user friendly".  You do not have to have a computer degree to get the most out of your NYK service.  In addition, we are so confident that you will be satisfied with our service that we do something that others do not.  NO CONTRACTS!  You simply subscribe to our service and pay by the quarter. We have to continually earn your business.

NYK ADJUSTable Websites: The NYK website service combines technology with the best education available. Some of the features you get with a NYK website include:

  • ADJUSTable website so you change the theme of your website instantly any time you want.
  • Online appointment requests so patients can request appointments from your websites with the request being sent via text message to whatever cell phone or email you choose.
  • Search Engine Optimization so that others can easily find your site. You can also add your own key words and searchable phrases unique for your practice.
  • Over 800 pages of content, educational videos, your videos online, and much more
NYK's Chiropractic News Service: When you have the NYK website service you also get the FREE educational waiting room module, the Chiropractic News Service, (CNS).
  • Live news articles played on a flat screen TV in your waiting, "Education" room.
  • Your scrolling messages at the top of the screen.
  • Your information and logo always present.
  • Your local weather forecast for the next 3 days.
  • Your photo gallery with changing pictures.

Now You Know Email Newsletter Service: The NYK email newsletter service is really two services in one:

  • REAL NEWS - REAL CURRENT!  No other newsletter service in chiropractic delivers more timely, real news, directly to your patients' inbox.
  • Your Contact Info, Pictures and Logo - The newsletter looks like it comes from you.
  • Add a personal Message - You can add a custom message to the newsletter to add that personal touch and keep in touch with your patients
  • Bulk Email Abilities -  With the NYK email newsletter service, you can also easily send bulk emails out to your entire patient list.

Echiropractic: We push technology to the limit with online chiropractic pamphlets, cards, and office letters for your unlimited use.

  • Send unlimited Ecards:  You can send Echiropractic messages either individual or by bulk emails, directly to a single patient or your entire list!.  
  • Additional Customized Message - Echiropractic emails can be customized with a personal message from you.
  • Over 80 unique cards and messages - This service works similarly to some other popular online greeting cards, with one big difference. These messages are for chiropractic offices with chiropractic messages.

Chiropractic Depot:  Why pay for a website when you can also have your website start paying you?  Chiropractic Depot brings education and income together on your website.

  • Storefront on your website - With this service, you get a storefront inside your website where visitors can select and purchase from a growing list of health, wellness, and fitness products.
  • Over 500 Products - The Chiropractic Depot has over 500 products, and the list keeps growing.
  • Select only the products you want - Chiropractic Depot allows you to remove any products that you do not want to have available for sale in your storefront
  • Sales filled by vendors  - All sales are filled by the vendors and products are shipped directly to the purchaser. 
  • The Best Part -  And the best part is that you get a commission on each sale!



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