March 1, 2011

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Conspiracy? Is CCE, FCLB, NBCE, New Mexico, and National College in Cahoots ?

You don't have to be a super spy to have seen this one coming. Let's review some of the more recent occurrences that have happened in chiropractic politics lately.

  • The CCE (Council on Chiropractic Education) introduced a set of standard changes that removed subluxation from the standards and drastically shifted the educational requirements away from chiropractic, and toward medicine. The profession responded with over 3000 comments opposing the standards changes. The CCE standards committee recommended to the CCE Council that many of the proposed standards changes be repealed and returned to their previous status. The CCE Council ignored the profession, and their own committee and moved ahead with standard changes that drastically moved chiropractic education away from subluxation.
  • National College introduced a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine degree which CCE did not oppose. National advertised this DCM yet still only issued DC degrees. Because of this, the CCE claimed it can not take action.
  • FCLB (Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards) introduced a model practice act which also did not look like subluxation practice. The FCLB has plans to push this act state-by-state to standardize chiropractic licenses in a direction away from subluxation. This model practice act includes definitions for a "Chiropractic Formulary" and a "Legend Pharmaceutical".
  • New Mexico changed their law to include an "advanced chiropractor" with more medical procedures. However, when this did not go far enough, a bill was introduced to expand into "chiropractic medicine". National had been teaching the course for advanced chiropractors prior to these changes. ICA responded in protest specifically exposing the problems, (see ICA response here).
  • It is now reported that the NBCE (National Board of Chiropractic Examiners) is working on a new test, as described in the minutes of the Washington State Quality Chiropractic Assurance Commission, "The examination is to focus on competencies relating to the prescribing of medications". (see article and links to documentation here) In response, the NBCE denied planning or creating such a test. However, according to an article by Dr. Don Harrison, the ACA had already approved the NBCE creation of advanced chiropractic testing which would include pharmacology.

When you look at this chain of events you will see that in each case these moves have been made, not by a public outcry for change, and certainly not by a majority of the chiropractic profession. These moves have all been made behind closed doors. They have been made by a few individuals with a specific agenda to move chiropractic away from a traditional focus on subluxation, and into a medical model of care. What is even more interesting is that, in many instances, the players in many of these organizations are the same people!

Over the years, the CCE has changed its own rules in order to continue to have a select few keep control. On more than one occasion, there was the possibility that conservative subluxation-based schools, (which produce over 65% of the graduates) would have voting control of the CCE. In each of those instances, the group about to lose power would change the rules to keep their minority in control. Today, the CCE does not even remotely resemble a democratic organization led by the schools. Instead the CCE, as it is constituted today, is a dictatorial fascism led by a few individuals with an agenda so removed from chiropractic practice reality that it is hard to comprehend that these people claim to be in the same profession as the rest of us.

Addendum: The following email was received from the NBCE as a response to our article which included the NBCE. We feel it is fair to place that text here without edit.

Dear Dr. Braile,

Your March 1, 2011 issue of “The Information Age – Now You Know” publications is in error.

The National Board is not “working on a new test to focus on competencies relating to prescribing of medications”, and Dr. Don Harrison’s article is totally misleading as the National Board is not subject to any action the ACA may or may not take and does not take direction from the ACA. The National Board is committed to providing valid, reliable and legally defensible pre and post-licensure standardized testing for the chiropractic profession, and the profession is better for it. NYK!

Horace C. Elliott
Executive Vice President
National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
901 54th Avenue
Greeley CO 80634
(970) 356-9100

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