Thanksgiving 2012

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Dr. Edwin Cordero Named Sherman College President

On Tuesday, November 13, 2012, Sherman College named its new president, Edwin Cordero, D.C., to be the fifth president in the college's history. The following release comes from the Sherman College website.

Sherman College Board Names President

Cordero_EdwinSherman College of Chiropractic has named Edwin Cordero, D.C., as the college's fifth president, effective January 1, 2013. Peter Kevorkian, D.C., chair of the Sherman Board of Trustees, made the announcement on campus Tuesday, November 13. Dr. Kevorkian says the trustees look forward to working with Dr. Cordero as he continues to advance the college's mission of preparing students to become doctors of chiropractic through education, research and service.

"I firmly believe the college has found in Dr. Cordero an outstanding leader who possesses not only vision and passion, but also an individual who has demonstrated over the years his commitment to the chiropractic profession and the vitalistic tenets upon which the profession was built," Kevorkian says. "I am confident that Dr. Cordero will lead the college and its students to face the contemporary demands and health care needs of the public while holding steadfast to the traditional values upon which Sherman College was founded. We look forward to all we will accomplish under Dr. Cordero's leadership and guidance."

Dr. Cordero, a 1993 graduate of Life University’s College of Chiropractic, is a practicing chiropractor in Boynton Beach, FL. He frequently speaks at chiropractic associations, conferences and other organizations around the world with the goal of inspiring and motivating chiropractors and students to make a positive impact in their communities and the world. The Florida Chiropractic Society named him Chiropractor of the Year in 2011.

Fluent in Spanish, Dr. Cordero practiced in Puerto Rico for a year before establishing his current private practice in Florida in 1995. He is dedicated to serving the chiropractic profession and has participated in humanitarian chiropractic mission trips; he served as chiropractor for the Costa Rican team in the Central American Olympic Games for eight years.

Dr. Cordero says he is honored to serve as Sherman College's next leader. "My vision as president is to lead Sherman College in becoming the preeminent chiropractic school in the U.S. and the world, and to strengthen its cultural legacy of outstanding academics, chiropractic philosophy, excellent faculty, technique and research," he says.

Sherman College's search for the next president began in May after Dr. Jon Schwartzbauer announced that he would be stepping down. After reviewing 20 applications and conducting preliminary interviews, the board narrowed the field to three candidates and released those names in October – Dr. Cordero, Dr. Joe Donofrio, and Dr. Shawn Powers. Schwartzbauer continued to serve as the college's leader while the board conducted its search; his contract at Sherman ends on December 31, 2012.

Kevorkian says the board is grateful for Dr. Schwartzbauer’s leadership of the college. "So much has been accomplished during the past five years thanks to Dr. Schwartzbauer's vision and his faithful service to the Sherman College," he says. "The Board of Trustees sincerely appreciates the dedication, time and talent he generously shared with the college during his tenure."

We at Now You Know wish Dr. Cordero success in his new leadership role. He is a NYK subscriber for his clinic website, he is a strong leader and has spoken on many of the same platforms as we have over the years.  We know he has what it takes to lead Sherman into a bright future.

Now You Know's "Generation 3" Websites Big Hit

It has only been a few weeks since Now You Know introduced the most advanced ADJUSTable websites in chiropractic. The response has been tremendous to the new "Generation 3", the most advanced websites in chiropractic.

The Gen3 ADJUSTable websites offer versatility and customization at a level not seen before in chiropractic. This new design gives you the ability to select not just the theme, but then to move components around on that theme, and even add modules for specific content or function.

The Gen3 allows you to create a website with either one, two, or three columns.  You can do things like add your Facebook module on the top right, or the bottom left. You can add a translator allowing your website to be translated into almost any language. All this and much more is easy with the Gen3 series.

Now You Know Gen3 ADJUSTable websites give you the ability to design a unique site that expresses the individuality of your office.  The Gen3 ADJUSTable websites offer new themes and color schemes that will take your breath away. 

The Gen3 ADJUSTable websites are not just another pretty face.  These sites are search engine optimized, patient magnets packed with life changing content designed to stimulate and enhance referrals into the chiropractic offices that feature these unique beauties. It's no wonder that some of the busiest, most successful offices in chiropractic utilize Now You Know services.

Want to have a peek at some of these new Gen3 ADJUSTable websites in action? Select from the sample list below:

Cordero Family Chiropractic - 
God's Love Chiropractic - 
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Braile Chiropractic - 
Port Orange Family Chiropractic Center -

Happy Thanksgiving

from Dr. Bobby Braile

Once again, with Thanksgiving approaching we reflect back on all the many blessings we have been given and try to come up with some words to express our gratitude. This year, in addition to many other reasons to be thankful, Dr. BJ Harman and myself are extremely thankful as, we both became first time grandfathers, within a just few days of each other.

When Thanksgiving day arrives, we overindulge in a culinary feast, we move from food, to football, to dessert, coffee and stories. (There may be a nap in between the food and the football depending on how much we have eaten.) Shortly after the holiday, our attention turns quickly to shopping for presents, and the upcoming holiday a month away.

One of the things we rarely think of giving thanks for is the struggle of being in this profession of chiropractic. When you think about it, being in chiropractic is not a smart move if you are looking for an easy life of least resistance.

Think about it. We are a part of a profession that is not part of the accepted method of healthcare. We are not well funded, as we do not have a multi-billion drug industry financing us. The pharmaceutical industry spends about 3 times more each year on promotion than chiropractic collects as a profession. We have to go out and educate people in all sorts of ways just to get them to understand and want our services. Our best educational institutions are smaller, and gross less money than most neighborhood hospitals.

With this massive overmatching, it is a pure miracle that we are still in existence. And here lies the reason that we should be very thankful. It has truly been a miracle that chiropractic has survived 117 years. We have survived because we have the one thing that our opposition is lacking. We have the truth. It is this truth that refuses to die even the face of overwhelming odds and finance. It is the truth of chiropractic, and the innate ability of the body to heal itself, that has allowed us to continue to serve a sick and suffering humanity.

So in my humble opinion, it is more important that we be thankful for the challenges of being in chiropractic than for the rewards we enjoy. For we get to work with truth and miracles every day. What other profession can say that?

The Good, the Bad, and the Subluxated! - AKA - Chiropractic in the News

Now You Know Internet Educational Services

We Are Chiropractors!  We know what it takes to run a successful practice. We know what kind of education is effective to communicate chiropractic to your practice members and to the public at large. We did not start off as a technology company that decided to sell websites to chiropractors. We are chiropractors who developed the technology to help you better spread the message of chiropractic. From our innovative Adjustable Websites, to our FREE in-office Chiropractic News Service, to our Real-News Email Newsletters, all of the services of Now You Know have been developed and tested by chiropractors, - for chiropractors. We don't try to sell services to chiropractors. We develop services and features we need in our office. Then we offer them to the chiropractic profession. We know what works! NO CONTRACTS!  You simply subscribe to our service and pay by the quarter. We have to continually earn your business.

ADJUSTable Websites:

NYK ADJUSTable Gen3 Websites artfully combine the newest and most advanced technology with the most effective online educational content in chiropractic. All this is wrapped with search engine optimization and functional features designed specifically to grow your chiropractic practice.

A website is also an individual reflection of you and your practice. With this in mind, we do not offer a cookie-cutter experience. We deliver a website that allows you to instantly change the theme and colors, as well as giving you full control over your personal content.

Perhaps the most important part of any website is the ability to stimulate referrals by the quality of the content. This is where NYK stands apart. The content that comes with a NYK ADJUSTable Website is effective, documented, and targeted to stimulate chiropractic referrals. Being chiropractors, we know what works, as we use it ourselves.

Chiropractic News Service, "CNS":

Reinforcing the chiropractic message on every patient visit has never been easier. The CNS utilizes a flat screen TV to turn your patients into chiropractic encyclopedias and increase their effectiveness in making referrals. The CNS also allows you to put your messages, announcements, and pictures right where your patients will see them.

At just $39.95 per month, the CNS is the most affordable way to stream credible chiropractic information directly into your office. This service is available as a stand-alone subscription, or is automatically included with a NYK website.

Today, most banks play financial news in their lobby. Most airport terminals play airport news. Department stores play shopping news at their checkout lines. Now, you can have credible chiropractic news and information continually playing in your waiting room. With the CNS, you may want to change the name of your waiting room to your Education Room.

REAL-NEWS Email Newsletter:

Getting your chiropractic message out to your patient base and your community is critical to growing a practice. At NYK, we know that a newsletter is more effective if it is actual news. That is why we do not offer an ordinary email newsletter. We offer a REAL-NEWS email newsletter. We take the time, do the research, and write articles specifically geared toward attracting new chiropractic patients. All articles are based on current news and research from relevant, credible sources.

These stimulating newsletters are emailed directly to your patients. All you need to do is add email addresses to your list. You can even create multiple lists for targeted mailings. In essence, we do the work, and you get the credit.

And we don't stop there. NYK also combines this highly acclaimed content with modern and useful technology. This service is also a bulk mailing program which allows you to create and send your own emails to your lists of recipients. With the NYK Real-News email newsletter service, you can send out your own email blasts to your email list on subjects that you think are important for your community or patients.


We push technology to the limit with online chiropractic pamphlets, cards, and office letters for your unlimited use. Keep in touch with your patients by sending educational emails, birthday greetings, referral thanks, seasonal greetings, and much more. Echiropractic allows you to send unlimited individual or bulk online ecards and pamphlets directly to your patients for many common patient situations. Each Echiropractic ecard or pamphlet carries a chiropractic theme which can be personalized with a message from you.

Chiropractic Depot:  

Chiropractic Depot brings education and income together on your website. Selling healthy products without having to carry inventory has never been easier. Chiropractic Depot is a storefront in your NYK website where patients and visitors can go to purchase a large variety of health, wellness, and fitness products. You do not have to carry inventory or worry about payment and shipping. When someone makes a purchase through your site, you get a commission for the sale. With Chiropractic Depot, you can bring healthy products to your patients and your community. Educate website visitors about chiropractic while earning a passive income.

Professional SEO Now Available at a Fraction of the Cost

Now You Know is now offering the next level of professional Search Engine Optimization, previously only available to the businesses with lots of marketing dollars, but now at a price that fits almost every budget. For those who desire to take it up a few more notches, this could be your ticket.

This service will help raise your rankings with the Search Engines, allowing you to target potential new patients in your local area. The program is a great opportunity to invest in your website, the 24/7/365 face of your practice, where people can go anytime to find out more about what you do.

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