March 2013

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A Theme for Every Season

by Dr. Bobby Braile
With the arrival of spring, it is a wonderful idea to have your clinic website reflect the change in the season.

Now You Know ADJUSTtable websites help you accomplish this by allowing you to completely change the theme and layout of your website with a few simple clicks of a mouse.

For the spring, I have chosen a flowery look with a light blue heading to convey the fresh feeling of the season, and to give visitors a sense of health.

With NYK's ADJUSTable websites, not only can I change the theme of my website, I can create functional modules and links to pages and features that help educate and stimulate visitors to call my office.  This SEO optimized website includes a translator, an appointment request feature, a new patient center, multiple blogs, maps, social media, and many other educational features. My site even includes a walking tour of my clinic that allows visitors to take a walk through my office while on their computer.

The image above is of my current website: Click on the image above and visit my site to see all the features we have added to help make our site personal and educational. 

More Great Chiropractic YouTube® Videos Available for Chiropractic News Service 2.0

by Dr. Bobby Braile
The more I search, the more great educational videos I find on YouTube®.  Currently my personal list of YouTube® videos is over 100 videos. These videos include a variety of chiropractic educational videos, anti-pharma videos, and even comedy video spoofs on drug advertisements.

Click on the image above to view CNS explanation video.

As a chiropractor, there are many issues that we are passionate about that we want our patients to understand. Such issues might include psychotropic drugs for children, vaccinations, overuse of pain medications, proper diet, or wellness habits. In most offices, there is just not enough time to properly cover all these subjects with each of our patients. The CNS 2.0 gives you the ability to raise the level of education of your practice members. The results are more excited patients, better compliance and more referrals.

Click here or on the image above and play this new video to learn more about the features of the CNS 2.0, and how you can bring affordable video education into your office.  The NYK subscribers who have already added the CNS 2.0 to their office are already seeing the benefits of this groundbreaking educational technology.

Dr. Awais Butt, an NYK subscriber from Georgia who recently added the CNS to his waiting room commented, "Wow! We updated our Now You Know CNS service to include the YouTube® videos and it has completely revolutionized our waiting area. I have seen many of these videos and I always wanted my patients to see them too, and now they can! Thank you for your dedication to helping us educate our patients in so many different ways!"

Perhaps the best part of the CNS 2.0 is how affordable this level of education really is.

CNS 2.0 only 39.95 per month!

CNS 2.0 is included as part of the NYK Website service at no additional charge!

CNS YouTube® Video Review
Videos for your Chiropractic Office

YouTube® videos have quickly become one of the most effective and dramatic ways to educate patients in your office about chiropractic. With Now You Know's CNS 2.0, you can play YouTube® videos in your office. To help you select videos for your CNS player, we thought it would be helpful to review videos each month and provide a recommended list. NYK Website and CNS subscribers can then add these to their CNS video playlist to play in their office on their CNS.

Title URL
From Simple Beginnings parts 1 and 2
This moving video was part of the chiropractic centennial celebration. Even though this video is over 15 years old, the message is still as powerful and true as ever.
What Happens When You Don't Take Care of Your Spine
Dr. Rick Franks has placed a series of short educational videos that do an excellent job explaining chiropractic. These short messages get right to the point.
Talk the TIC 2011 - Derrel Pratt-Blackburn
A recent "Talk the Tic" contest at Parker College of Chiropractic included some of the best chiropractic explanations ever given. What may be even more amazing is that these were delivered by students. Their passion and message is very much patient educational quality.
Infertility and Chiropractic
This video is from a news show called "Women Matter" and covers the story of a couple who could not have a child before seeking chiropractic care. I bet you can guess what happened after they started chiropractic.
Rob Schneider Speaks Out Against Vaccines
Comedic actor Rob Schneider talks about his stand against forced vaccinations for children.  The actor firmly states that parents should have the right of choice over this important decision.
Define Better
This music video may be the best video ever produced that questions the sanity of drugging children with powerful psychotropic drugs. Even if you do not like rap music, this one will touch you.

If you know of YouTube® videos that you would like us to review and consider recommending, please email the the URL to

The Good, the Bad, and the Subluxated! - AKA - Chiropractic in the News

Now You Know Internet Educational Services

We Are Chiropractors!  We know what it takes to run a successful practice. We did not start as a technology company that decided to sell websites to chiropractors. We are chiropractors who developed the technology to help chiropractors better spread the message of chiropractic. From our innovative Adjustable Websites, to our in-office Chiropractic News Service, to our Real-News Email Newsletters, all of the services of Now You Know have been developed and tested by chiropractors, - for chiropractors. NO CONTRACTS!  You simply subscribe to our service and pay by the quarter. We have to continually earn your business.

ADJUSTable Websites - Generation 3

NYK ADJUSTable Websites Gen 3 artfully combine the newest and most advanced technology with the most effective online educational content in chiropractic. All this is wrapped with search engine optimization and functional features designed specifically to grow your chiropractic practice.

Please view the video above to learn about our services.

Chiropractic News Service 2.0, "CNS 2.0":

The New CNS 2.0 utilizes a flat screen TV to turn your waiting room into an education room. Choose between YouTube® videos from a list  you create, or play educational articles from our database of hundreds of documented health and wellness articles.

The CNS 2.0 also allows you to put your messages, announcements, and pictures right where your patients will see them along with three days of your local weather.

This service is available to everyone as a stand-alone subscription for just $39.95 per month, or is automatically included with a NYK website. Click on the image for more information on this service.

REAL-NEWS Email Newsletter:

Getting your chiropractic message out to your patient base and your community is critical to growing a practice. At NYK, we know that a newsletter is more effective if it is actual news. That is why we do not offer an ordinary email newsletter. We offer a REAL-NEWS  email newsletter. We take the time, do the research, and write articles specifically geared toward attracting new chiropractic patients. All articles are based on current news and research from relevant, credible sources.

These stimulating newsletters are emailed directly to your patients. All you need to do is add email addresses to your list. You can even create multiple lists for targeted mailings. In essence, we do the work, and you get the credit.

And we don't stop there. NYK also combines this highly acclaimed content with modern and useful technology. This service is also a bulk mailing program which allows you to create and send your own emails to your lists of recipients. With the NYK Real-News email newsletter service, you can send out your own email blasts to your email list on subjects that you think are important for your community or patients.


Keep in touch with your patients by sending educational emails, birthday greetings, referral thanks, seasonal greetings, and much more. Echiropractic allows you to send unlimited individual, or bulk online ecards, and pamphlets directly to your patients for many common patient situations. Each Echiropractic ecard or pamphlet carries a chiropractic theme which can be personalized with a message from you. Click on the image for more information on Echiropractic.

Professional SEO Now Available at a Fraction of the Cost

Now You Know offers the next level of professional Search Engine Optimization. This corporate level of SEO is now at a price that fits every budget. For those who desire to take it up a few more notches, this could be your ticket.

This service will raise your rankings with the Search Engines, allowing you to target potential new patients in your local area.

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