October 2013

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Video Education on Your Website Home Page

Now You Know introduces another groundbreaking  chiropractic educational feature. Now You Know ADJUSTable websites now give you the ability to add YouTube™ video education directly onto the home page of your website. The NYK website service automatically includes the in-office educational tool, the “CNS” aka Chiropractic News Service. 

The CNS allows you to keep a list of YouTube™ videos that you can play in your waiting (a.k.a. education) room.  With this new NYK home page video feature, the same CNS video list can also be used to randomly add 4 videos to your websites homepage. This new feature is included in your NYK website service and can be installed with a simple drag and drop.

Watch the short video below to preview this feature.

Georgia Governor Signs Subluxation Awareness Proclamation

Around the world, as well as in the US and Canada, chiropractic has recently been under false attack. False claims include breaking a baby's neck and of course the old tale of creating stokes. (See links in "Chiropractic in the News" section below). In spite of the fact that most doctors of Chiropractic have by now seen the studies proving the falseness of these claims while reinforcing the safety of chiropractic, these claims still have their effect on the public. Below is a picture of this year's presentation and the actual text of the proclamation.

By The Governor of the State of Georgia
A Proclamation
Subluxation Awareness Month

WHEREAS: The human body is a well-functioning organism that is both complex and organized, and

WHEREAS: it Controlling and coordinating the human body are the nervous system and the brain. These work together to orchestrate the vast intricacies of the human body; and

WHEREAS: It is vital that the nervous system communicates clearly with the rest of the body in order for individuals to function at their maximum potential; and

WHEREAS: Vertebral subluxations were first discovered in September of 1895 and represent one of the most widely common and unknown disturbances of the human nerve system; and

WHEREAS: It is important to be aware of the research and causes of vertebral subluxations inorder to experience a better life and improve overall health. Chiropractic is the only profession that is trained to locate, analyze and correct Vertebral Subluxations; now

THEREFORE: I, NATHAN DEAL, Governor of the State of Georgia, do hereby proclaim September 2013 as Subluxation Awareness Month in Georgia.

Chiropractic Under Attack Around the World

Around the world, as well as in the US and Canada, chiropractic has recently been under false attack. False claims include breaking a baby's neck and of course the old tale of creating stokes. (See links in "Chiropractic in the News" section below). In spite of the fact that most doctors of Chiropractic have by now seen the studies proving the falseness of these claims while reinforcing the safety of chiropractic, these claims still have their effect on the public.

In a effort to right this wrong, we at Now You Know have addressed this issue head-on in our patient education newsletter. "I am not only the CEO of Now You Know. I am a practicing chiropractor, and these false safety claims have an impact on my practice members," states Dr. Bob Braile. "I take these attacks personally and I felt something needed to be done."

In the October issue of the NYK Real-News patient email newsletter, NYK published an article based upon a new study that further verifies the safety of chiropractic.  The story below was delivered to hundreds of thousands of chiropractic patients, setting the record straight. The article is presented in its entirety below.

Chiropractic Adjustments Safe According to Scientific Review

A literature review published in the September 2013 issue of the International Journal of Clinical Practice and online at www.medscape.com by P. Tuchin examined 18 studies discussing what the researchers termed "spinal manipulative therapy" (SMT) and stroke to determine if SMT was a causative or associative factor.

There has been rumors of stroke following SMT. Reports not based upon any statistical evidence vary from 1 case in every 400,000 to 1 in 5.6 million. The prejudicial tendencies by some in the medical community toward chiropractic have created controversial views of chiropractic SMT having a higher risk of stroke than other types of SMT. This literature review attempted to cut through the hype and, "…assess any misconceptions or distortion of the results of studies on chiropractic and stroke."

This review noted that sixty percent of strokes occur due to an abnormal amount of lipids (cholesterol and/or fat) in the blood. Smoking, hypertension, obesity, cardiovascular disease, types 1 & 2 diabetes, atrial fibrillation, migraines, heavy drinking, infections, contraceptives, sleep apnea, illicit drug use, and other factors also put a person at higher risk for stroke.

Chiropractic adjustments or SMTs are not listed in the scientific literature as a major factor in stroke. The researcher Tuchin explained, "The evidence for causality of vertebral artery dissection from chiropractic is weak."

Tuchin examined the studies that suggested that chiropractic SMT caused stroke in patient cases, looking for other factors and explanations that may have been the real causative factor. To test for a causal relationship, nine specific criteria were used. The scientific criteria included: strength of evidence, consistency, specificity, temporality, biological gradient or dose-response relationship, plausibility, other explanations, experimental confirmation, and coherence.

Strength criteria findings showed that the number of cases examined in each study were too small not to question the results. Dose-response relationship criteria showed flaws in the 18 studies of chiropractic SMT and stroke because the studies actually examined cases where SMT was not done by chiropractors but rather by other professions like massage therapists and MDs.  Every criteria examined by Tuchin revealed serious flaws and inconsistencies in the studies and their results.

After examining the 18 studies for the criteria, Tuchin states, "There is lack of compelling evidence that SMT is causally associated with stroke. Physical triggers, including SMT, can serve as plausible final link between the underlying disease and stroke."

Tuchin concludes by stating, "The quality of evidence suggesting causation between chiropractic and VAD is mostly weak. Therefore, causality between chiropractic and vascular accidents has not been determined."

CNS YouTube® Video Review
Videos for your Chiropractic Office

YouTube® videos have quickly become one of the most effective and dramatic ways to educate patients in your office about chiropractic. With Now You Know's CNS 2.0, you can switch between playing YouTube® videos or articles from the archive on your website to better educate your patients. To help you select videos for your CNS player, we thought it would be helpful to review videos each month and provide a recommended list. All the videos presented here are available in your CNS Picker located in your NYK Central control area. The picker allows you to simply click on a "+" sign to add a video to your list.

Title URL
Chiropractor Dr. Fabrizio Mancini Appears on Dr. Phil Show http://youtu.be/EL2AHSMWELE
Dr. Mancini makes a guest appearance on the Dr Phil show and highlights chiropractic.
Chiropractic alternative to back pain medication http://youtu.be/14eZxLcGuDY
This short film from the British Columbia Chiropractic Association features a woman who describes how chiropractic helps her with her back problems.
Chiropractic treatment alternative to back surgery http://youtu.be/HGIG1Wi44T4
The British Columbia Chiropractic Association features a man who avoided surgery thanks to chiropractic.
Fibromyalgia http://youtu.be/qfn7qMhv09g
Brigadier General, Rebecca Halstead, (Ret), and 1981 West Point Graduate talks about how chiropractic helped her with her fibromyalgia.
Super Bowl Champion Mark Collins Tackles Pain with Chiropractic Care http://youtu.be/jl7qqrm3pFk
The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress features football star Mark Collins as he proclaims the benefits of chiropractic.
Innate Intelligence is In You http://youtu.be/U9nOBd1b55A
The wonder of human development is set to music in this beautiful music video.

If you know of YouTube® videos that you would like us to review and consider recommending, please email the the URL to bbraile@nowyouknow.net.

The Good, the Bad, and the Subluxated! - AKA - Chiropractic in the News

Now You Know Internet Educational Services

We Are Chiropractors!  We know what it takes to run a successful practice. We did not start as a technology company that decided to sell websites to chiropractors. We are chiropractors who developed the technology to help chiropractors better spread the message of chiropractic. From our innovative Adjustable Websites, to our in-office Chiropractic News Service, to our Real-News Email Newsletters, all of the services of Now You Know have been developed and tested by chiropractors, - for chiropractors. NO CONTRACTS!  You simply subscribe to our service and pay monthly. We have to continually earn your business.

ADJUSTable Websites - Generation 3

NYK ADJUSTable Websites Gen 3 artfully combine the newest and most advanced technology with the most effective online educational content in chiropractic. All this is wrapped with search engine optimization and functional features designed specifically to grow your chiropractic practice. Remember, the CNS 2.0 is automatically included with a NYK website subscription!

Please view the video above to learn about our services.

Chiropractic News Service 2.0, "CNS 2.0":

The New CNS 2.0 utilizes a flat screen TV to turn your waiting room into an education room. Choose between YouTube® videos from a list  you create, or play educational articles from our database of hundreds of documented health and wellness articles.

Click here or on the image to see a video on the CNS 2.0 in action.

The CNS 2.0 also allows you to put your messages, announcements, and pictures right where your patients will see them along with three days of your local weather.

This service is available to everyone as a stand-alone subscription for just $39.95 per month, or is automatically included with a NYK website. Click on the image for more information on this service.

REAL-NEWS Email Newsletter:

Getting your chiropractic message out to your patient base and your community is critical to growing a practice. At NYK, we know that a newsletter is more effective if it is actual news. That is why we do not offer an ordinary email newsletter. We offer a REAL-NEWS  email newsletter. We take the time, do the research, and write articles specifically geared toward attracting new chiropractic patients. All articles are based on current news and research from relevant, credible sources.

These stimulating newsletters are emailed directly to your patients. All you need to do is add email addresses to your list. You can even create multiple lists for targeted mailings. In essence, we do the work, and you get the credit.

And we don't stop there. NYK also combines this highly acclaimed content with modern and useful technology. This service is also a bulk mailing program which allows you to create and send your own emails to your lists of recipients. With the NYK Real-News email newsletter service, you can send out your own email blasts to your email list on subjects that you think are important for your community or patients.


Keep in touch with your patients by sending educational emails, birthday greetings, referral thanks, seasonal greetings, and much more. Echiropractic allows you to send unlimited individual, or bulk online ecards and pamphlets directly to your patients for many common patient situations. Each Echiropractic ecard or pamphlet carries a chiropractic theme which can be personalized with a message from you. Click on the image for more information on Echiropractic.

Professional SEO Now Available at a Fraction of the Cost

Now You Know offers the next level of professional Search Engine Optimization. This corporate level of SEO is now at a price that fits every budget. For those who desire to take it up a few more notches, this could be your ticket.

This service will raise your rankings with the search engines, allowing you to target potential new patients in your local area.

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