June 2014 - Final Edition

In This Issue:

Final Edition of the Information Age Newsletter

After more than a decade, this will be the final issue of "The Information Age."  This decision was made because the amount of information we were attempting to put into this single newsletter was making this newsletter too big.

The good news is that we are breaking "The Information Age" newsletter up into several smaller newsletters.  Each of these will cover a specific area of interest, but in a much more concise format. The new future newsletters will be as follows:

  • News and Views
  • Practice Adjustments
  • What are your patients reading?
  • Video reviews for the chiropractic office
  • The Clear and the Subluxated

Below you will see the various header graphics for each of these newsletters. Underneath each header will be an explanation of what that new shortened newsletter will contain.  If you are already receiving the "Information Age" newsletter, you will automatically receive these new and exciting publications.

The News and Views newsletter will contain news and updates from within the chiropractic profession.  This newsletter will be much like the opening section of The Information Age. 

The Practice Adjustments newsletter will feature articles and videos from some of the best known coaches and practice building experts in chiropractic.  This new newsletter will also contain articles on tools and marketing to help you grow your practice.

Patient education is a key to growing a practice and changing people's lives. We take this very seriously at NYK.  For this reason, our Real-News email newsletter service is second to none in content. This newsletter will be used to feature patient articles from our patient Real-News email newsletter with tips and ideas on how to get use this information to stimulate referrals and grow your practice.

Below you will see header graphics for two more newsletters, "Video Reviews for the Chiropractic Office" and "The Clear and the Subluxated."  These two new newsletters will be from the sections below. The video review newsletter will review videos for your in-office education.  The "Clear and the Subluxated" will continue to offer unfiltered links to news about chiropractic and chiropractors.

NYK Releases More New Themes

Always updating, NYK has released even more theme choices for the already cutting edge ADJUSTable websites.  Multiplicity is the newest set of themes from NYK comes in four color variations and includes a menu system with a beautiful set of spines front and center.

The NYK ADJUSTable websites take versatility and customization to the next level with the ability to select not just the theme, but to also move components around on that theme and even add modules for specific content or function.

Want your website to have 2 columns, or maybe 3?  Want your Facebook module on the top right, or bottom left? Want to add a translator allowing your website to be translated into almost any language? All this and much more is easy with the NYK ADJUSTable websites.

The NYK ADJUSTable websites are not just another pretty face. These sites are search engine optimized wizards packed with life changing content designed to stimulate and enhance referrals into the chiropractic offices that feature these unique beauties. It's no wonder that some of the busiest, most successful offices in chiropractic utilize Now You Know services.

Join ICA in June at Cleveland Chiropractic College

An extraordinary gathering of chiropractic minds and hearts will converge at the Cleveland Chiropractic College campus this June for a powerful and exciting ICA Round-Up conference. This unique event will bring together core elements of chiropractic principles, practice, philosophy and research in a quality continuing education program along with networking and fellowship. Click here for more information and to register.

CNS YouTube® Video Review for your Chiropractic Office

With the Now You Know's in-office education systems, the Chiropractic News Service or "CNS" you can switch between playing YouTube® videos or articles. The articles that appear on the screen are automatically selected from the vast database of over 1200 articles from the NYK Real-News newsletter service.

Videos that appear in your CNS player, however, must be selected by you.  To help you select videos for your CNS player, we offer this review of videos and provide a recommended list.  All the videos presented here are available in the CNS video picker located in your NYK Central control area. The picker allows you to add a video to your list by simply clicking on a "+" sign.

Title URL
Ear Infections - Natural Suggestions for Parents http://youtu.be/8kfBPHTbQK8
Dr Cathy Colby does a great job explaining how chiropractic is a natural alternative choice for children with ear infections.
Trying To Conceive? - Get Checked by a Chiropractor http://youtu.be/il7BT4xxhk4
Once again, Dr. Cathy Colby makes it easy for couples trying to conceive to realize that chiropractic care may be a viable alternative.
NBC Charlotte News show on chiropractic for infants http://youtu.be/9GusgQJ2ixQ
Evening news in Charlotte features chiropractic helping infants.
The Fluoride Deception http://youtu.be/LEZ15m-D_n8
The Fluoride Deception is the latest mini documentary from Mike Adams, executive director of the Consumer Wellness Center. Through the use of animation and motion graphics, it exposes the truth about where fluoride really comes from: The toxic byproducts of the phosphate mining industry.
Bohemian Polypharmacy http://youtu.be/Lp3pFjKoZl8
If you love the music of Queen, and you believe that people take too many drugs, then this music video is for you.  Beautifully done, one of the best parody videos ever.
Official Bought Trailer http://youtu.be/Asi2Ecuqhnc
Trailer for a movie about big business and healthcare. A message we all want our patients to hear.

If you know of YouTube® videos that you would like us to review and consider recommending, please email the URL to bbraile@nowyouknow.net.

The Clear the Subluxated and Whatever - AKA - Chiropractic in the News

The chiropractic profession gets its share of news articles on the Internet. Some news is positive or informative, which we will call "Clear."  Unfortunately, some news is not so good, and leaves you shaking your head asking, "What were they thinking?" We will call these, the "Subluxated" stories. When we find stories that do not fit either of those categories, we will call it "Whatever." In an effort to keep you updated on what the public is already reading, we present these, unfiltered! 




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