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News & Views November 2014

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Chiropractic Black Friday Savings - Free Holiday CNS for Everyone

Happy Holidays from Now You Know!  This year we are giving the entire chiropractic profession the gift of a holiday Chiropractic News Service to play in your office Totally Free.

There is no obligation and you do not have to sign up for anything.  Just follow the simple steps below to set up the Holiday CNS in your office.

  1. Connect a flat screen TV to an online computer via an HDMI cable.
  2. Set the TV source to your computer HDMI connection.
  3. Set your computer either to duplicate screen or extended screen to allow the content from your computer to play on your TV.
  4. Open a browser on your computer. We recommend either FireFox or Chrome. Then open the extensions in your browser settings and look in the Add-Ons section for either "Ad Block" or "Ad Blocker Plus."  If you do not see these, go to the "Get more Add-ons" link and search for either of these two extensions.  Download and install one of them.  These should prevent ads from appearing on top of the videos.
  5. Connect to the link "" and you should see the Holiday CNS appear.
  6. Now simply set your browser to "Full Screen" view and the CNS should take up the entire TV screen.

That's it!  The special Holiday CNS is already set up with a variety of holiday videos including movies and songs. This special edition is pre-set and ready to go without editing or adding of content. The only down side is the weather will only be correct if you live in the Atlanta area.

If you enjoyed this free CNS Holiday edition, you can get a fully customizable CNS in your office in one of two ways.  You can subscribe to the CNS for only $39.00 per month, or you can subscribe to the NYK website or premium services for $49.95 or $89.90 per month and get the CNS at no additional charge.

The full customizable version of the CNS allows you to change the look, theme, videos, message center, scrolling headers, and picture gallery in your CNS.  We offer a free suggested playlist of over 100 videos that help you kick off your CNS service and extend your education into your office. And yes, the full CNS does show your local weather.

Does 8 to 10 Additional New Patients per Month Sound Good?

Now You Know services were created by practicing chiropractors for practicing chiropractors.  This means we know what works in a chiropractic office and what is just hype. NYK services and features are used in some of the most successful offices in chiropractic.

Because of their success, many of our subscribers have offered to share their stories and explain in their own words how NYK helps them reach out to more people.

To hear these doctors' stories, please click on the link, or on the image of Dr. Schiffman above.

Who is Your Competition?

I have seen many chiropractic website and marketing companies speak to chiropractors about getting ahead of their "competition."  Unfortunately, they were referring to other chiropractors as the competition.  I believe this is a very weak attitude and inherently breeds failure. I have never viewed my fellow colleagues as my competition.

To me the real competition is the hospital up the street, the medical establishment, the pharmaceutical industry, and health ignorance itself.

If we consider other chiropractors as competitors, we are competing for a small segment of the population that already knows they want chiropractic care.  We should have a much bigger view and realize that 85% of the population does not even know why they should go to a chiropractor. Most of the population has been so medically indoctrinated that they do not even consider chiropractic as an option.

This is what the NYK services are geared toward. We want to change minds and save lives.  My view has always been not to try to get patients out of other chiropractors offices into mine, but rather to get people to switch from the allopathic paradigm over to the chiropractic lifestyle.

The services, features, and educational material in the NYK services are meant to do just that.  It is much more fruitful to pursue the 85% of the population that knows nothing about chiropractic, rather that fight with the other DCs over the 10% or so the people who already know they may want to see us.

Spreading the Message,
Bobby Braile, DC
CEO Now You Know

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