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Practice Adjustments October 2014

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Dr. Rob Schiffman - Changes to Make to Enable Growth

Throughout my 35 years as a chiropractor, I found many reasons why my own practice wasnít growing, and I learned what changes to make to enable its growth. I have shared my experiences with thousands of chiropractors, and I've seen the positive effects it has made on their practices. I wanted to share one of them with you today.

Attitude. When it comes to building a thriving practice, your attitude can work for you or against you. The great Henry Ford once said, "Whether you think you can, or you think you canít; youíre right." If you donít believe you can see more than 200 practice members a week, you wonít. But, if you believe you can see 200 (or 300, or 400) practice members a week, you will. Itís as simple as that. With your mind made up, the only difficulty you may find is the ability to stay positive.

Whenever my mind begins to wander toward negativity, there is a statement by Dr. Sid Williams that has helped tremendously: "I can, I will, and I must." This is such a powerful sentence. You can accomplish all you set out to, you will reach goals, and you must continue to press forward for the lives you touch each and every day.

If you would like to learn more about growing your practice, I've made available a free four-week series entitled, "Why Practices Don't Grow," on my website at

Letís reach the world together,

Dr. Rob

New Patient Conversion

Every chiropractor loves new patients. Unfortunately, many DCs lose a high percentage of the new patients early in care. I hear doctors talk about doing screenings, but converting a very low percentage of those people into active patients. The basic reason this happens is that the new patient doesnít "get it." This is not the patientís fault.  Itís the chiropractor's.

Many coaches in chiropractic teach procedures designed to increase the rate of conversion of new patients. Their advice is usually good. However, there are additional things you can do that takes it to the next level. And that is where technology comes in.

To best explain this, let me take you through how we use technology in my office to enhance a new patientís education and referrals.

A new patient calls my office to make an appointment. We get some information about them and set the appointment. We then direct them to our website to get directions, fill out forms, and learn what to expect on their first visit. Hopefully, they will browse around the site and may even search for health issues affecting them or their loved ones.

Upon entering the office, they receive an examination, scans, and any necessary x-rays. They are then set up for a "doctorís report" (our one-hour orientation) to see their x-rays, and be given their care plans. Immediately after they leave the office, we generate and send them a welcome email. We also enter them into our newsletter database, and add their birthday to our email birthday database so they receive a birthday email each year on their birthday. We will also set up a series of emails from our NYK eChiropractic database to be sent to them over the next several weeks.

Happy Birthday on Your Special DayNext, we create a new patient booklet specifically for them with their care recommendations. In this booklet, we add several articles on subjects related to their health concern. These articles come directly from our NYK website using the article search function. In this way, when a migraine sufferer comes into my office, they can receive several articles on migraines and chiropractic.

When the new patient comes to the doctorís report, I will review with them how to search for health information directly on my website. I also let them know that they can send others to this site for valuable health information. Additionally, I tell the new patients that they will receive email newsletters from us, and I ask them to help someone else by forwarding these newsletters on to others.

I occasionally get a question about our procedures from other DCs who ask, "Well, how many of your people actually read your stuff?" My answer is, "More than if I donít send it out at all."  There is no single magic formula that anyone can give you to stimulate referrals and convert new patients. Adding good technology in the form of education to good office procedure helps stimulate referrals, and increase the conversion rate of those you get.

Tell it, Don't Sell it,
Dr. Bobby Braile

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