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Video Reviews May 2015

In-Office Education Issue:

CNS YouTubeŽ Video Review for your Chiropractic Office

With the Now You Know's in-office education system, the Chiropractic News Service or "CNS", you can switch between playing YouTubeŽ videos or articles. The articles that appear on the screen are automatically selected from the vast database of over 1200 articles from the NYK Real-News newsletter service.

Videos that appear in your CNS player, however, must be selected by you.  To help you select videos for your CNS player, we offer this review of videos and provide a recommended list.  All the videos presented here are available in the CNS video picker located in your NYK Central control area. The picker allows you to add a video to your list by simply clicking on a "+" sign.

Title URL
CHIROPRACTIC: The Documentary Teaser
Official Trailer/Teaser for the upcoming documentary on Chiropractic care and the health industry.
The Missing Link to Your Health
Dr. Rick Franks has a special way of explaining chiropractic so that everyone can understand it.
The World's Greatest Drug Store
Dr. Rick Franks explains how the human body makes almost every drug you will ever need.
What Happens When Your Power is Diminished?
Using a rubber band Dr. Rick Franks explains subluxation and adjustment.
Two Paths
This short video offers two choices in life. One choice includes being all you can be with chiropractic.
Americans Love Prescription Drugs
In this video from the Rubin Report the host and guests discuss the over usage of  prescription drugs by the U.S population.

If you know of YouTubeŽ videos that you would like us to review and consider recommending, please email the URL to

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