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Practice Adjustments April 2015

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How Can I be More Certain?

The more knowledge you have about your patientís health, the better decisions you can make regarding their care plans. Patients are choosing chiropractors who provide the full spectrum of results from symptom management to overall wellness. Traditional methods of examination, including X-ray, confirm a patientís long history of spinal change but that only tells a fraction of the story.  Chronic stress and nerve interference are the primary reasons behind declining health and spinal problems. Using todayís advanced technologies, chiropractors can identify the deepening effects of unmanaged subluxations and recommend care plans with certainty.

Reliable, validated, evidence-centered results are the foundation for reporting examination findings. So often, practitioners know a patient is unwell but get side tracked into chasing symptoms.  Chiropractic's special place in healthcare comes from its attention to interference in the communication along the spinal nerves. Stress can damage these communication pathways and interfere with bodyís innate ability to repair and regulate itself. Chronic stress, which affects these nerve connections, can be a result of poor dietary choices, medication usage, limited exercise, old injuries, exhaustion and unresolved emotional issues. Over time, the combination of these life stresses begin to "stain" the nervous system. By using technology and reporting tools that highlight where these "stains" are and how deeply they are affecting a patientís health, chiropractors can position themselves as leaders in wellness and spinal care. Imagine the satisfaction and happiness a patient will experience when they are shown the objective proof that being adjusted is improving their overall health and not just their spinal symptoms! 

Chiropractic Leadership Alliance's INSiGHT scanning technologies detect changes in the spinal nerve controls while monitoring the balance and activity within the autonomic nervous system. EMG scans along the spinal muscles pinpoint areas of poor support and control. Thermal scanning along the spine confirms, in under 30 seconds, where the controls to the organs, glands and blood vessels have been "stained" by stress. Finally, a definitive test, known as Heart Rate Variability (HRV) confirms the impact of lifestyle stress and chronic subluxations. The combined results from all three tests are used to create a single understandable number, known as the CORESCORE, which informs and inspires patients on the power of a chiropractic care plan. Connecting todayís technologies to the timeless principles of healing positions chiropractic as the responsible choice for families choosing a drug-less approach to their health and well-being.       

Dr. David Fletcher DC, FRCCSS(C),
Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sport Sciences
Chairman and Chief Clinical Officer, CLA

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