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Practice Adjustments February 2015

In This Issue:

Practice Adjustment Videos and Webinars Beginning

NYK is excited to announce a series of videos and webinars designed to help chiropractors grow their practice using the tools of technology. This new series will be real-world practice tips and plans on things that work in practices and are getting results today.

"I feel that there is a real need to cut through all the smoke and mirrors surrounding chiropractors' online presence and get to the truth of what works and what doesn't. This series will only be about what works and can help grow practices." - Dr. Bobby Braile

Some of the subjects in this series will include:

  • Driving people to your website
  • Stimulating online referrals
  • Using Social Media as an extension of your outreach
  • SEO (search engine optimization) Best practices to move up on search engines
  • Online in-office education that excites patients
  • Best usage of testimonials and in-office events
  • Making your website more effective for new visitors
  • Using videos to enhance your online presence & education
  • Bulk emailing; making it effective and do's and don'ts
  • Use technology to get maximum results with minimal effort
  • Much more...

All these webinars and videos will be archived on the Videos & Media page of Media & Resources section  of the Now You Know website. This page is being used to build a library of video information useful for practitioners looking to use technology to reach the masses with the chiropractic message.

"To me there are two things required to reach more people and grow a practice. One is a doctor who is committed, excited, on purpose, and fully embraces the principles of chiropractic. The second requirement is the tools to carry out that mission.  A Stradivarius violin in the hands of someone that does not know how to play will not produce music. Likewise, a great violinist with a very bad violin will not produce the best music he or she could. To be successful, one must master the philosophy, science, and art of chiropractic, while also utilizing the best tools." - Dr. Bobby Braile

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Note: The following is an abbreviated reprinted newsletter from Dynamic essentials. Over the years I have made it no secret that DE is where I grew up in chiropractic. Many of the coaches and volume practitioners of today have their roots at DE. I therefore continue to recommend this program to DCs who ask me, "What should I do to be successful."  In keeping with this recommendation, I offer this February DE newsletter in our Practice Adjustment email. - Dr. Bobby Braile

We feel sure you have heard that the choices we make in life do make a difference.. The key word in the above statement is “choices.” Everyday each of us decide what we will do that day. Hopefully it will aid us in accomplishing our goals in life.

Another word for choosing is “decision.” When you make a choice, you have, in essence, made a decision. A problem many people have is that of decision making. There is nothing that stymies progress more than indecision. When you make a decision, even if your decision turns out to be wrong, at least you have made the effort and you will learn from the experience.

As Theodore Roosevelt said, “It is better to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much or suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.”

What about you, Doctor? What decisions are you making that will change for the better your life, your family’s life, your professional life and ultimately that of the world?

Are you enthusiastically making positive decisions about your practice or are you, as Theodore Roosevelt said, “a timid soul who chooses not to get in the arena of the “doers” because of fear of failure?”

Wake up! Get up and get going! Time is of the essence!

1. Make the decision to attend every DE Meeting this year. Listen with an open mind and seek to understand what the DE message of Lasting Purpose is all about; that of loving, serving and giving out of your own abundance.

2. Make the decision to become a “doer.” Jump in feet first to the job at hand; that of reaching out to a sick and needy world with the chiropractic message.

3. Make the decision to exhibit love, compassion and concern for those who need what you have to offer.

4. Make the decision to develop your skills as a chiropractor. In other words, learn better how to “deliver the goods.”

5. Make the decision to adapt a mindset for success-only accepting the thoughts that will build a better you. Only associate yourself with positive like minded people.

6. Make the decision to develop a work ethic that will challenge any thought of procrastination or laziness. “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

7. Make the decision to get out of any rut you may find yourself in by changing your habits. Leave old habits behind. Do something different, even if it doesn’t work at first. Make the effort and when you keep on keeping on, sooner or later, you’ll find circumstance changing for the better.

8. Make the decision to get a group of like minded DC’s in your area together on a regular basis (weekly or monthly). Join the local Band of Brothers or attend Saturday Night Live.

9. Make the decision to hold spinal screenings in your area weekly as well as health talks in your office weekly. Remember the more exposed to the public, the greater the opportunity you have to reach others for chiropractic and we all have the obligation to educate the world on chiropractic.

Make the decision now to attend the April 23-26 DE Meeting in Sarasota, FL at the Hyatt Regency Hotel where you will learn more about the power of decision from Dr. Sid Williams, (via video) the founder of Dynamic Essentials. You will also have the opportunity to hear from and rub shoulders with many of chiropractic’s most successful chiropractors. Deciding to attend the Spring DE Meeting in beautiful Sarasota, could be the best decision you will make this year and maybe even in your lifetime.

Call 770-438-9949 or go on line to register. - The DE Staff

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