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Practice Adjustments May 2015

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Itís so Simple- You Canít Handle It - by Drs. Jen & Dean DePice

Have you ever said, "They don't get it?"  If yes, then we say you are not giving it.  Sorry but it is you.  You, not them, or itís us. 

 What does "giving it" look like?

  • From hello & every step of the way we are flipping the conversation upside down.  We are being kind.  We assure them we will be addressing their pain but that pain will be addressed second and function will be addressed first

  • On every adjustment, we greet them asking about function and not pain.  We educate on the need to connect with their nervous system not on the need to diminish irritation.

  • On each re-examination, we assess function not to ask how they are feeling.

  • On each re-report, we grade their recovery first on their comprehension of health care and not their pain scale gradients.

  • At workshops, we elevate them to understanding that getting them educated is more important than treatment.  That the principles are more important than the adjustment.

  • At anniversary re-exams and re-reports in preparation to discharge them from initial care to ongoing or long term care, we slow things down enough to honor their newly developed voice in demanding their participation in ongoing work, that has nothing to do with focusing on pain.

  • In our own private conversations, we train deliberately and inexhaustibly to appreciate that the process is more important than the outcome.  Or in TLCís conversation that the -ING is more important than the ĖED

 If you are confused or you are wanting for more, we have a prepared audio on our website for you addressing the -ING versus the -ED.  It honors the deepest core of what it means to be a doctor of chiropractic and since the first law of success at anything is clarity, this simple exercise of listening to this conversation will advance your clarity and thus your prosperity.  Take it - Engage it Ė Use it, and it will be a liberating gateway to your own best solutions and breakthroughs.

Drs. Jen & Dean DePice Biography

Drs. Dean and Jen DePice, practicing chiropractors since 1987, have been serving the profession as well as their patients for their entire career. They both pursue knowledge with a balanced focus on the practical application of science and philosophy upon patient outcomes.

Together, they founded TLC4Superteams, standing strong for chiropractic and creating a community based upon the unique design of individualized coaching and accountability. TLC practices do this while spilling over with joy and prosperity in all areas of their lives.

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The NYK Kiosk brings the largest library of information on chiropractic and health available all in one place for patients to easily find, print and email.  The NYK Kiosk is totally FREE as part of the NYK ADJUSTable Website service.

This new service will allow your practice members to:

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  • Print articles directly in your office to take home.
  • Email articles from your office to family & friends to stimulate referrals.

Have you ever have a patient:

  • Ask you a question about a subject that you do not have any written material on?
  • Ask if you have a pamphlet on a subject they want for a family member?
  • Mention that they have a friend that they would love to convince to come see you?
  • Want more information than you can provide on a health subject?
  • Ask you about a topic that you wish you had more time to talk to them about?

With the NYK Kiosk, you open a world of information and learning for your patients. For more information and to see a video on this service, click on the image above or go to our video website page at, and click on the NYK Kiosk icon.

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