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Practice Adjustments October 2015

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Two New Webinars Available Free Online

NYK Webinars are designed to help chiropractors grow their practices. In these webinars, you get valuable free information and tips that you can use in your practice immediately. Click on the thumbnails below to open the page and play the videos.

Why Practices Don't Grow
- Dr. Rob Schiffman

Dr. Rob Schiffman, of Reach the World with Chiropractic, ( has grown the largest practice in chiropractic. Listen to his words of advice on why some practice do not grow.

Run Time: 15 min.

Growing Your Practice with Online Patient Education
- Dr. Bobby Braile

Dr. Braile explains how to use the Internet as an educational resource to reach your patients, your community, and grow your practice. This audio program is part of the Sherman Connect series from Sherman College of Chiropractic. Click on the Sherman Connect thumbnail to the right to listen to this audio broadcast.

Run Time: 51 min

Stuff Will Not Help you Grow

You can purchase all the stuff you want for your practice and it still will not cause growth. Growth requires a system that, when implemented, changes the culture of your office, while impacting your patients and your community.

The "System" we speak of requires three components Education, Outreach, and Resource.  These three components are essential to changing minds in your practice and your community. To view the basics of this concept, please click on the thumbnail below, and download our flyer on how you can implement a system for growth.

Now You Know Educational Systems

For Chiropractors, By Chiropractors!  We are not a technology company that decided to sell websites to chiropractors. We are chiropractors who developed a system of technology to help chiropractors grow their practices and spread the message of chiropractic. 

Visit our new Video Services Page to see videos about our services and to view success stories.

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