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Help Wanted!

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Help Wanted Sales and Marketing

We are looking for an excited energetic team member to assist in sales and marketing for a chiropractic online and in-office educational company. Position is part time and could include commissions for sales.

Qualities needed are:

  • Strong communications skills in-person, on phone and media

  • Ability to manage priorities and see tasks through to completion

  • Good understanding of chiropractic and chiropractors

  • Internet and social media savvy

  • Good computer skills and ability to learn more technology

Helpful skills:

  • Design skills for outreach material creation

  • Ability to write and create small newsletters

  • Sales experience and/or customer service

  • Experience managing sales campaigns

Those interested in joining our team should send a resume to:

Come Join the Now You Know Team and Spread the Chiropractic Message

Websites for Chiropractic Students

Now You Know offers websites for chiropractic students.  This special program allows DC students to be ready on day one of practice by building their dream website while in school. All while NOT PAYING any monthly charges!

YouTube Video of Student Websites from Now You Know

It's this simple:  As a DC student, you pay a one-time fee of $99.00, and never pay again until you convert your website to a full doctor site. This is a real online website, accessible by everyone!

What comes with a NYK student website?  All the themes and educational material that our NYK doctor's sites have.  For your protection the website clearly states "Student site for educational purposes."  Several features are deactivated that would only be useful in a doctor's office.

As a future chiropractor you can now build your future website by adding pages and content, enhance your SEO, upload images, embed videos, and build the website of your dreams, all before ever opening your office. When you are ready to open a practice, simply convert this over to a doctor site and be ready to start attracting new patients.

Chiropractic students can now be ready on day one in practice.

For more details go to or click on the image above.

Click here for a printable flyer for this service

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