Chiropractor's Adjustments November 2016

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Stop Holiday Drop-Off this Season

Want to have a holiday season where your patient volume does not take a hit? Let me show you how we do it!  Using some simple steps, you can keep your visit volume up over the holidays. It is easy, does not cost much, it works, and can be put into place in almost any office.

Here are the steps:

  1. As with any promotion or program, check with your state laws and rules to make sure this program does not violate any regulations.
  2. Purchase a gift for a raffle in your office. I recommend something that is visually impressive. A new 50-inch 4k TV will catch everyone's eye and can be purchased for under $400.00 at almost any retailer.
  3. Do not wrap the TV box, but do place a ribbon and a bow on it. You want people to see what you have purchased. Place it in your waiting area, or any area where everyone will see it.
  4. Make up a sign "Win This TV !" to place on the TV with similar signs around the office.
  5. Get a fish bowl or clear container and place it at the front desk area where patients check in or out. Place a sign or flyer on the container about the raffle.
  6. Obtain raffle tickets that allow people to write their name and contact phone on the ticket.
  7. Select a starting date for the event, and a finishing date when the winner will be selected.
  8. Each time a patient comes in for a visit, give them a raffle ticket to write their name on and place it into the clear container. The more someone comes in, the more tickets they fill out and the more chances they have to win. Winner need not be present at the drawing.
  9. On the ending date of the promotion, with pictures or video being taken, the winner is drawn. Notify the winner and ask their permission to take pictures of them in your office receiving their prize. Remember to follow all privacy laws when releasing names or publicizing the winner.

The second article shows you how to maximize the effectiveness of this program using the NYK services. We at NYK want you to have a happy and prosperous holiday season.

Using NYK to Help Stop Holiday Drop-Off

The Stop Holiday Drop-Off program outlined above can be done by almost any office. NYK adds the tools that help maximize the effectiveness of this program. The net result is more  visits without the impact of a holiday slowdown. Those who have NYK services will be more familiar with these procedures. Those that do not are welcome to check out our systems at

  1. Include an announcement or create a graphic that can be place in the NYK Newsletter greeting that is sent to your email list with your monthly NYK Real News Email Newsletter. A sample of ours can be seen above.
  2. Create a page on your NYK ADJUSTable Website that explains how this program works. Link all promotions to this page when possible.
  3. Create a module or home page announcement for your NYK ADJUSTable Website that has a link to the explanation page. You could use the same announcement or graphic that you used in the newsletter.
  4. Create a dedicated bulk emailing to announce the program to your mailing list.
  5. Place an announcement in the welcome screen of your Chiropractic News Service (CNS) playing in your waiting room.
  6. Coordinate this announcement with an entry with pictures on your NYK blog included with your website.
  7. Share that blog entry on your social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
  8. When a winner is selected, and if you have their permission, place pictures of them collecting their prize on your NYK blog and your social media. Videos taken should be uploaded to your YouTube channel and then can be embedded into you NYK website on any page or blog you wish.
  9. As with the mailing steps above, you may want to add a story to your  monthly NYK Real News Email Newsletter, or create a separate mailing announcing the winner.

Now You Know gives you the tools to make any program you run even more successful.

Now You Know Educational Systems

For Chiropractors, By Chiropractors!  

We are chiropractors who developed systems of technology to help chiropractors grow their practices and spread the message of chiropractic. We are not a technology company that decided to sell websites to chiropractors.

Growing a practice requires a combination of community outreach, and in-office education. It is for this reason that NYK bundles our services into "Systems". Implementation of the NYK systems ensures the most effective way to stimulate more new patients both online and through referrals.

Our chiropractic websites, chiropractic newsletters and in-office Kiosk and CNS services are focused on changing minds and converting people to the chiropractic paradigm. Our user-friendly services can be easily implemented into any office and will yield results.

The NYK Systems are illustrated below.

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