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In This Issue:

  • NYK releases 10 new themes.
  • NYK services packages now called "NYK Systems"

NYK releases 10 new themes.

Now You Know has just released 10 new themes for you to choose from for your website. You can change any of  these with a few simple clicks. Two of these themes are stunning additions to the "Kid's" series, while eight more are part of the new "Wellness" series.

Log into your NYK Central account and view these new themes for yourself.  These themes are just some of the numerous changes coming to all the NYK services.

NYK services packages now called "NYK Systems"

NYK has previously bundled our services into packages.  The term packages did not clearly explain the best implementation of these services. To better illustrate how these technologies work together, NYK has renamed our packages "Systems". The three newly named NYK Systems are illustrated below.

The services you currently have are still the same as you had before. However, you will notice upgrades and new features in those services that make them even better than before. You can read details about these new Systems by logging into your NYK Central account. The brief descriptions are on the introduction page.

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