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  • Visual Article Search feature now available
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Visual Article Search feature now available

Now You Know has always had the largest database of chiropractic educational articles available in our profession. Now we have made searching for health topics more interactive and easier for visitors to your website.

Available for all NYK ADJUSTable website subscribers, NYK presents the "Visual Article Search" feature. This new educational feature allows visitors to use an anatomical graphic to select areas and related health issues.

This new feature still includes a text search box so that the full range of health issues can be searched by the visitor to your website. But for those who want to search graphically, this new feature makes it quick and easy.

If you would like this new feature on your website, you can do one of the following:

1) Watch the video below and see how easy it is to put this feature onto your website yourself from your NYK Central account. This method is faster and easy.

2) Send a change request to our webmasters using the submission form in your NYK Central account. Within a few days, our webmasters will have this feature on your website where your previous search module was.

To learn more about this new feature and to see how easy it is to place it on your website yourself, please click on and watch the video below.

Now You Know Educational Systems

For Chiropractors, By Chiropractors!  We are not a technology company that decided to sell websites to chiropractors. We are chiropractors who developed a system of technology to help chiropractors grow their practices and spread the message of chiropractic. NYK has previously bundled our services into packages.  This did not fully explain the best implementation of these services. To better illustrate how these technologies work together, NYK has bundled our services into "Systems". The three newly named NYK Systems are illustrated below.

Click on thumbnails below for services descriptions.

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