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  • Something BIG is Coming !
  • Stop Fishing in the Small Pond

Something BIG is Coming !

Now You Know has always worked to keep ahead of the curve in trends in technology, outreach, and effectiveness in chiropractic promotion and education. Coming next month, NYK takes a giant leap forward with new "systems."

Without giving away too much, look for upgrades in your services, themes, systems, controls, and in our NYK website. These changes will start April 1st (no foolin') and will improve patient and community communications.

It is time to expand our reach and change the marketplace.  More to come soon!

Stop Fishing in the Small Pond

The January 2016 report released by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention in Atlanta gave some interesting statistics on the usage of chiropractic by the general public.

The study reported on usage for what the researchers termed as "complementary health approaches" which included acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic.

The numbers showed that in the year 2002 about 7.5% of the population used chiropractic services in some fashion. Ten years later, the study showed that 8.3% of the public used chiropractic. The modest growth over a ten year period was mainly in people willing to pay for most or all of their chiropractic care.

Now while the educators, politicians, and pundits within chiropractic will dissect and analyze these numbers for years, the truth is that we are not changing the consciousness of the public long term. An 8.3% market utilization after 121 years of chiropractic success stories says that we are not reaching the public.

So what's the problem? The problem is that we say we want to bring chiropractic to the masses, but we keep marketing promoting to the same people, those who have already decided they like chiropractic. In essence, we have all been crowded together fishing in the same small pond.

Most of our marketing has been based upon getting our name in front of as many people as possible. However, if only 8.3% of the population know they need a chiropractor, then we are marketing to less than 9% of the people. This is not effective, and the numbers over the past 121 years seems to bear this out.

We need to look beyond competing with our fellow chiropractors for the small numbers of people who already have decided they want a chiropractor. We need to be competing for the large numbers of people who do not even know that chiropractic could help them. In essence, we need to educate and change the mindset of our society.

So what's the secret? The secret is that there is NO SECRET! There are however, two things needed, time and repetition! (Hmmm, where have we heard these before?) What is required is for chiropractors to put in place a regular system of education and outreach that goes beyond fishing for the few people who already have decided to use our services. What is required is a change in our internal and external education / marketing.

Over the coming weeks, NYK will be releasing videos and white papers on the importance and  implementation of "systems" to help reach larger numbers. NYK subscribers will always have priority access to these resources and the ability to implement them.

Excited about the future,
Bob Braile, D.C., Co-founder, CEO, Now You Know Inc.

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