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Something Big is Here !!!:

Your Now You Know services are about to change as of April 1, 2016. These exciting changes involve migration to our new “NYK Systems”, as well as Updated Services, and a Fee Change. Below is a brief explanation of these changes. To see a more detailed description of our new “NYK Systems”, please check the website starting April 1, 2016. You can currently view an overview of these new systems in your NYK Central account. Just log on to read the preview.

1) Updates to all your services: As you look through your services, you will notice that NYK is undergoing the most extensive updates we have ever undertaken. From new themes to new layouts to new delivery abilities, NYK has already upgraded the look, function, technology and abilities of many of our services. These upgrades will be ongoing so continue to check your services regularly.

There are also many changes and upgrades that you cannot see that have to do with function and security. Currently NYK fends off over 3000 attacks per day. We meet this growing cyber threat with vigilance and continual updating of our security systems. Our goal is to keep you and your data safe.

2) New Systems: As of April 1st, all NYK services will be grouped into “Systems”. We understand that growing a practice and reaching more people has become more diverse than just having services. To reflect these changes and give our subscribers the maximum chance to grow their practices, we have reorganized and updated our services into systems. The changes are described below.

a. “NYK Fundamentals System” This system now includes the updated Chiropractic News Service (CNS) service and Kiosk services. These services give you the largest resource of healthcare and chiropractic information ever available. You will never have to buy a generic one-sheet tri-fold pamphlet again. This system does not require you to have a NYK website and will work with any website company that you choose to have for your clinic.

b. “NYK Essentials System” Formally known as the NYK website-only service, this system brings together the in-office and community resource to set your office ahead in your community. This system includes the updated ADJUSTable website service with new features, layouts and themes. Additionally, you get both services included in the Fundamentals System. This gives you an unprecedented educational resource both inside and outside your office.

c. “NYK Advantage System” This system combines both the Fundamentals and Essentials systems and adds the ability to reach out to your patient base and your community. With the NYK Advantage System, you get all our systems plus the NYK Real-News email newsletter service, the Echiropractic Ecard service, and the NYK Bulk Emailing service. This system gives you the ultimate advantage in education, outreach, and communications with your patients and your community.

3) Fee Change: Most subscribers will see a modest monthly $10.00 increase in their fees as they transition to the new systems. With all the new upgrades in services, features, security and content, this minimal change after 8 years of no increases is well worth the investment. NYK continues to be the most affordable best value in chiropractic for in-office and online education and outreach.

Excited about the future,
Bob Braile, D.C., Co-founder, CEO, Now You Know Inc.

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