Chiropractor's Adjustments February 20, 2017

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Patient Education - Completing the Circle

Patient education is essential for building a practice.  And, the more cohesive the educational process is, the better it works. Patient and community education can not be a series of random non-connected events. There must be a common thread that takes patients from one level to the next.

Now You Know has just made that process easier than ever. With a subscription to the NYK Essentials System, doctors now get the Chiropractic News Service (CNS) and the NYK Kiosk included. All this and more included in the NYK Essentials System for only $59.95 per month. Read below to see what is included in this affordable service.

NYK ADJUSTable websites come with over 1000 pages of the best content in chiropractic, as well as all the features needed to help you grow. Search engine optimized and customizable, NYK websites are made to allow the personalization needed to make your site unique. To fully appreciate all the content and features that are involved in this service, please go to and view the pages and videos for this service.

Chiropractic News Service - CNS: Good online education goes hand in hand with good in-office education. The chiropractic news service can play articles or YouTube® videos you place in your list.  We even start you off with over 100 suggested videos, and you can add or remove any YouTube® videos. This is a great way to educate patients in your office without using the doctor's time.

NYK Kiosk: The educational experience also needs to be interactive. The NYK Kiosk gives your patients the largest searchable database of articles created for patients available in chiropractic.  This service allows patients to research health topics, then print or email the results.  Your patients can actively be making referrals from your office. Gone are the days of having outdated health pamphlets all along our wall. Now with a few clicks, patients have access to more information than was ever available before. Learn more about this NYK exclusive service by watching the NYK Kiosk videos at

Free Webinars to Help You Grow

NYK Webinars are designed to help chiropractors grow their practices using the tools of technology. In these webinars, Dr. Braile and other leaders in chiropractic, present valuable free information and tips that you can use in your practice immediately. Click on the thumbnail to open a page and select from a series of free videos.

Why Advertising Doesn't Work for Chiropractic

This video answers the age-old question in chiropractic about why advertising no longer works for chiropractors. Using sound and researched marketing data, you can learn what does not work, and what does work to bring new patients into your office.

Run Time: 21 min.

Maximizing the Potential - Implementing a System to Attract New Patients

This video describes an overview of marketing in a chiropractic office. No one thing will get you a regular stream of new patients. Implementing a system helps transform your practice into a resource to attract more new patients. Education also help increase referrals and increases patient compliance with care.

Run Time: 22 min


Now You Know Educational Systems

For Chiropractors, By Chiropractors!  

We are chiropractors who developed systems of technology to help chiropractors grow their practices and spread the message of chiropractic. We are not a technology company that decided to sell websites to chiropractors.

Growing a practice requires a combination of community outreach, and in-office education. It is for this reason that NYK bundles our services into "Systems". Implementation of the NYK systems ensures the most effective way to stimulate more new patients both online and through referrals.

Our chiropractic websites, chiropractic newsletters and in-office Kiosk and CNS services are focused on changing minds and converting people to the chiropractic paradigm. Our user-friendly services can be easily implemented into any office and will yield results.

The NYK Systems are illustrated below.

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