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NYK Secures Your Website  

Now You Know has taken a giant step forward in the ongoing battle for security of your website. Unlike most all other chiropractic websites, your NYK website now has the added benefit of being an SSL and HTTPS enabled website.

Look at the address of your website in your browser and you will now notice that you will see "Secure" or "https" for your full URL address.


What does having a secure website do for you?

  • Better cyber security for your website against hackers and snoopers

  • Improves search engine performance

  • Prevents Internet Service Providers from tracking your visitors actions on your website

  • Better compliance with HIPAA as well as PCI DSS requirements and NIST Guidelines

  • Secure submission information for appointment requests and newsletter submissions

  • Your website will be trusted by most all browsers and visitors

Why did we secure your website?

In September of 2016, Google announced it would start flagging unencrypted HTTP websites with password or credit card form fields as insecure. This began the first of this year with the Google Chrome browser, and later, Mozilla Firefox. While your Now You Know ADJUSTable websites aren't affected by this initial penalty by Google, it's only a matter of time before SSL and HTTPS will be required for all websites on the internet. Having an unsecured website could cause more issues than just a poor reputation from Google. Your visitors may no longer trust your website.

Communication over HTTPS is encrypted between your visitor's browser and your website - so it's not possible to eavesdrop, and no one steals or forges website data.

This is why NYK has enabled SSL and HTTPS for your ADJUSTable Website. Proactively. For FREE !

We do this because we care about the security of you and your patients. Website forms are now kept private from anyone attempting to sneak a peek. Internet history and data is kept away from snoopy internet service providers as patients browse your website, read your articles, request appointments, subscribe to your newsletters, submit questions, and ask for information.

Of course, not all HTTPS configurations are created equal. We have gone to great lengths to ensure our SSL implementation meets National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity guidelines, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements, and of course Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidance.


Now You Know Educational Systems

For Chiropractors, By Chiropractors!  

We are chiropractors who developed systems of technology to help chiropractors grow their practices and spread the message of chiropractic. We are not a technology company that decided to sell websites to chiropractors.

Growing a practice requires a combination of community outreach, and in-office education. It is for this reason that NYK bundles our services into "Systems". Implementation of the NYK systems ensures the most effective way to stimulate more new patients both online and through referrals.

Our chiropractic websites, chiropractic newsletters and in-office Kiosk and CNS services are focused on changing minds and converting people to the chiropractic paradigm. Our user-friendly services can be easily implemented into any office and will yield results.

The NYK Systems are illustrated below.

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