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  • Changing Text Over Video on New Video Themes
  • NYK Going Green
  • Now You Know Educational Systems

Changing Text Over Video on New Video Themes

NYK has introduced a new series of video themes that add motion, beauty, and excitement to your home page. Overlaying these videos are health phrases. Did you know that you have full control to alter these phrases to have them say what you want? Below is the procedure.

In front of each of these new video themes is a main banner and a secondary text banner. The default phrase used for the larger main banner says, "Be well, Live well."  The secondary text banner just underneath this says, "Optimal health and wellness through chiropractic care."  Both of these can be changed to say whatever you want.

Here's how:

  1. Log into you NYK Central account.
  2. Click on "Documents" at the top in your menu bar.
  3. Search for the two documents named "VideoBannerTitle" and then "VideoBannerText".
  4. Clicking on each of those opens up a page where you can change the default phrases in the "Content" box for each.
  5. After making your changes hit the "Submit" button just below the Content box to save your changes.
  6. Remember, you have a limited space so you will need to check your final edit to ensure it fits the page properly.

After you have completed and viewed your changes, make sure to log-out of your NYK Central account. That's it! You are done and your website titles have been changed. These new titles will remain until you change them again.

NYK Going Green

NYK IS GOING GREEN! As an environmentally concerned company, we are working toward going paperless in our operations and billing systems. To help in this effort, we are encouraging all subscribers to select the green option for their billing preference as shown below with the red arrow. Selecting the green option will not only help the planet, but it will also save you $5.00 each billing over the paper option.

To select the Green Option and save $5.00, simply log into your NYK Central account. Then, on the left, select Account Settings. On the Your Account page, select the Billings tab. From here, you will see the choice of receiving your bills either online via email, or by paper.

Additionally, from the main page of your NYK Central account, you can also select the Billing section on the left and make a payment or even set up automatic payments for your account.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 800-695-8937. Thank You!

Now You Know Educational Systems

For Chiropractors, By Chiropractors!  

We are chiropractors who developed systems of technology to help chiropractors grow their practices and spread the message of chiropractic. We are not a technology company that decided to sell websites to chiropractors.

Growing a practice requires a combination of community outreach, and in-office education. It is for this reason that NYK bundles our services into "Systems". Implementation of the NYK systems ensures the most effective way to stimulate more new patients both online and through referrals.

Our chiropractic websites, chiropractic newsletters and in-office Kiosk and CNS services are focused on changing minds and converting people to the chiropractic paradigm. Our user-friendly services can be easily implemented into any office and will yield results.

The NYK Systems are illustrated below.

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