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Get the best online and in-office educational systems anywhere in chiropractic.  The sooner you subscribe, the more you save! 

1) Fundamentals System

This system includes the informational and educational NYK Kiosk and the Chiropractic News Service (CNS) video service to educate and motivate your patients.

  • CNS is an in-office educational video system that plays on a flat screen TV in your office.

  • The NYK Kiosk is a chiropractic informational search resource for your office that will work on any online computer with modern browser. The largest lending library imaginable!

NO STARTUP FEE for Fundamentals System. Just subscribe and PAY NOTHING till January 2019.

2) Essentials System

This system includes the in-office informational and educational NYK Kiosk and the Chiropractic News Service (CNS) video service from the Fundamentals System, PLUS the finest educational and promotional website available in chiropractic.

Adding a NYK’s Adjustable Website to the quality in-office education of the NYK Fundamentals System creates a community resource that helps educate and motivate those who may have never considered chiropractic care. The NYK ADJUSTable Web+SEO is the perfect blend of style, customization, search engine optimization, and education to effectively bring the message of chiropractic from your office into your community.

  • Changeable Themes

  • Free Modern Mobile Site

  • Unlimited Personalized Pages

  • Search Engine Optimized

  • Request Appointment Online

  • Alternating Articles

  • Over 1000 Pages of Searchable Content

  • Subluxation Education Pages

One-Time $99 Setup Fee for Essentials System, then NO MONTHLY CHARGES till January 2019.

3) Advantage System

With the NYK Advantage System, you get all the services from both the NYK Fundamentals & Essentials Systems plus the outreach abilities of three great services by adding the NYK Real-News email newsletter service, the Echiropractic Ecard service, and the NYK Bulk Emailing service. This system gives you the ultimate advantage in education, outreach, and communications with your patients and your community.

  • The NYK Real-News Email Newsletter is one of the most effective ways of getting your patients and community thinking about chiropractic, health, and you!

  • NYK Bulk Emailing service allows you to create and send your own emails to your email list(s) as often as you like.

  • Echiropractic Ecards give you online chiropractic pamphlets, holiday, event, and birthday ecards and office situations and letters for your unlimited use that can be emailed individually or in bulk.

One-Time $199 Setup Fee for Advantage System, then NO MONTHLY CHARGES till January 2019.

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