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CNS YouTube® Video Review for your Chiropractic Office

The Now You Know's education systems all include the Chiropractic News Service or "CNS."  With this in-office service, you can switch between playing YouTube® videos or articles. The articles that appear on the screen are automatically selected from the vast database of over 1000 articles from the NYK Real-News newsletter service.

Videos that appear in your CNS player, however, can be selected by you.  To help you select videos for your CNS player, we NYK offers this review of chiropractic and health videos.  All the videos presented here are available in the recommended list of the CNS video picker located in the NYK Central control area. The picker allows subscribers to add a video to their list by simply clicking on a "+" sign.

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This month we would like to thank Dr. Rick Franks from Chiropractic Lifecare of America. ( Dr. Franks has been one of the most prolific public educators about chiropractic. His ability to explain chiropractic to the masses has lead him to changing thousands of lives in his many successful practices and those DCs he has helped. We thank Dr. Franks for creating these YouTube videos and allowing us to share them with our NYK subscribers.
Are Symptoms Good or Bad?
Dr. Rick Franks of Chiropractic LifeCare of America explains how symptoms are signs of health problems and may not be the actual problems themselves.
Are You Healthy?
Dr. Rick Franks explores the myth of "If I feel good I must be healthy."
What Controls Your Health?
Dr. Rick Franks explains that the nervous system is the master controller of your health.
What if You Had a Headache for 50 Years?
Dr. Rick Franks explains the case of a former patient who was suffereing with a headache for 50 years.
Keep Your Circuit Breakers Open
Dr. Rick Franks uses the analogy of electrical circuit breakers to describe subluxations and the function of the nervous system.

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