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Chiro Rants

Our chiropractic profession is under attack. It's about time we had a frank conversation about our profession, our professionals, and our education. Chiro Rants are discussions for the chiropractic profession. Asking the hard questions and taking a critical inside look at chiropractic, the profession, education, and practice.

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Episode 5: Dr Steve Judson - Wake Up Humans, Atlas Adjusted & DE
Dr Steve Judson, Speaker, author, and large volume practitioner brings the passion and principle to this podcasts. Get enthused by the energy and passion of Dr Steve, author of Atlas Adjusted and Wake Up Humans. Dr. Steve is one of the leaders of the Dynamic Essentials "DE" meetings and has spoken to and motivated chiropractors world-wide.

Episode 4: Chiropractic from the Student Perspective?
Hear the perspective of two chiropractic students as they discuss chiropractic and chiropractic education.

Episode 3: Dr. Jim Dubel on New Beginnings, chiropractic philosophy and passion
Listen to the passion and inspiration of Dr. Jim Dubel and leader in chiropractic and champion for the principles of our profession.

Episode 2: Volume Practice - Seeing the numbers in Chiropractic with Dr. Rob Schiffman
Some say a volume practice is not quality care. Others say volume is an expression of the quality of the care. Listen to Dr Rob Schiffman who has had the largest volume practice in chiropractic. Learn the truth and secrets of seeing amazing numbers.

Episode 1: Inaugural Chiro Rants Podcast - What we're about.
In this inaugural Chiro Rants episode Dr. Bobby Braile discusses the purpose and direction of Chiro Rants. He also discusses his history in the chiropractic profession and the things that has shaped his opinions. Hear what some of the topics will be in future Podcasts and get a sense of future speakers and issues we will be covering.

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Health Rants

Healthcare in the U.S. is the most expensive system in the world. Yet by all measures we are not the healthiest. In fact, healthcare itself is one of the leading causes of death. This is not due to to dedicated men and women who serve us. It is due to the system they, and us are forced to live with. It is time to have an honest discussion about health and healthcare.

Episodes Online Now

Episode 4: After Cornoavirus - What's the New Normal going to look like?
After the coronavirus crisis has started to pass, what will be the new normal for our society? Will we have to give up personal freedoms because of knee-jerk reactions? Will laws be passed that over-react to the situation? Be wary.

Episode 3: Holes in Healthcare
Our healthcare system has lots of holes in it. The current pandemic has brought that fact front and center. In this episode we discuss how our healthcare system falls way short in protecting people during a crisis.

Episode 2: Coronavirus - tragedy, hype and misinformation
The coronavirus is a tragic situation in the making. However, we have seen this story before. Let's separate the hype from the understanding.

Episode 1: Ask Why, Not What
One of the main problems in healthcare is the obsession of asking " what is it?" In this episode we suggest that the more important question is, "Why is it?"

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